Dev Update: June 24, 2022

Happy Friday! The Kingdom Studios team has been busy as always

The Front-end Team has spent the week getting the Raffle Master feature finalized and plugged in to Serendale so that you have somewhere to use all those tickets you’ve been getting through DFK Duel. They’re also working on Crystalvale Profession quests and as always, quality of life improvements to make this game better than ever.

Getting ready to help with Crystalvale gold mining.

The Solidity Team is continuing work on an item bridge, and contracts for Level 10 Profession quests. The API Team has completed the groundwork for API v7 and has the first feature implemented for profile achievements. We’ll see more of these put to use at a later time.

The Art Team has also been hard at work helping get the Crystalvale Profession quests drawn up. We’re all excited for you to see what they have come up with. Work also continues on the green egg pets.

Green egg pet?

And last but certainly not least, the Mechanics Team has also been working to finalize the Crystalvale Profession quests for Fishing, Foraging, and Mining. They have also been working on integrating pet bonuses for fishing and foraging. Work has also been started on a new Dark Summoning game feature. They have been busy this week!



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