Dev Update: June 3, 2022

Oyez, oyez! Draw close to hear news from the dev team!

The Front-end Team have been busy bees in the wake of the massive pets launch. They’re working on DFK Duels integration as well as continuing to hammer on localization, an area where we’ve seen lots of progress in the last week. This is, of course, in addition to all of the tweaks and bug squashing necessary to keep things smooth for desktop and mobile users alike.

Our Music Department (aka Sam) has completed an epic track for Duels, just to add that extra bit of atmosphere as you take on your rivals for gold and glory! As always, be prepared for an earworm that you’ll be humming for hours.

On the Solidity side, we’re continuing our efforts to prep for item bridging so that quest rewards, potions, stones, crystals, and more can be moved between Serendale and Crystalvale. In addition, Mr. Faun is continuing to develop documentation for those who are interested in integrating with DFK. This has been requested for quite some time and is an exciting development in conjunction with the Kingdom Building program.

Our API Squad is making consistent progress on API v7. How long ago it seems that Tavern users were eagerly awaiting v6 and Doro was the most popular meme in the community! Each improvement to our API helps us deliver a smoother experience and enables further feature development. The API aces also helped us deliver a leaderboards update this week designed to ensure fairness and thwart some of the more obvious multiwallet exploits that can lead to frustration.

The Art Team is still mainly working on pets. This week, they’ve mostly been working on green egg variants. They’re also supporting Duels development with some new NPCs and handling continued UI needs. Meanwhile, the Lore Team are filling in pet descriptions for the new green egg pets. The amount of lore and worldbuilding contained in the pet descriptions is pretty amazing, and we encourage you to poke around the catalog to learn more about all of the pets that are already out in the world.

Speaking of pets, the Mechanics Team has come through in the final hours with some upgrades to pet bonuses, making each pet a little more impactful to its owner. Often, game mechanics can be an ongoing, iterative process and it can be a challenge to balance all of the needs and considerations in a system. We take this process very seriously and have also spent a significant amount of time adjusting the Duels system to make sure we’re doing as much as we can to provide a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience.

As we approach the beta launch of DFK Duels Preseason, the first reveals of pet bonuses and Skill Level 10 professions quests, and we begin testing PVP internally, these questions of balance will continue to come to the forefront both within the team and in the broader community. We are very grateful for the feedback that you provide to our Community department and to those of us on the build teams who you interact with on Discord. We want you to know that we have put countless hours of thought, discussion, and planning into each of these systems and we fully anticipate more of that as we work to build the best game on the blockchain. We welcome your input, suggestions, criticism, and praise and we are honored to have such a devoted and engaged community behind us. Bullish!



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