DFK Day: Opening Remarks

Speakers: Frisky Fox, Dreamer

Frisky Fox, Executive Director

Frisky Fox:

Good Morning everyone! It’s amazing to think that last July we still didn’t have a name for this project, and now this, we have a whole day dedicated to Defi Kingdoms. It’s really humbling to be here. My name is Frisky Fox, and excuse the shades but I’m still anonymous. It’s really great to be here at my first event as Fox. We went as a team to Miami last year and it was amazing, and we’re excited to be at more events. We have an amazing team that has grown so much. I have never been part of anything that has grown this fast, and we’ve had to grow to keep up with this amazing community.

It’s really great to be here, Harmony is around, and we would not be here without Harmony. Harmony is such a great ecosystem. So many people on our team now came from all the people that have been involved in the Harmony ecosystem for the last two years. There are so many crazy projects on Harmony and we were one of them.

Today is DFK day, and we plan to do a hackathon. I think a lot here have experience with coding, and some are here to hear about the game, and that is what this is about. We’re trying to figure out what we can do with crypto. One of the things I love about crypto is you can have an open ecosystem that anyone can create for. If you have an idea you can launch it. It’s such an interesting paradigm that is changing the world. What the internet did for information the blockchain is now doing for opportunity. You can create value, and what this is about is creating extra value for our ecosystem.

We are here today to figure out what we can build around the DFK ecosystem to add value and to make it more fun and enjoyable. We’re going to do some brainstorming and create teams. We are looking for people to partner with as a project. You could have ideas on spending heroes stamina or xp, and our team is willing to work with that. The sky is the limit for ideas outside the box.

Feel free to some and say hi. Now I’ll turn the time over to Dreamer.

Dreamer, President


Thank you Fox. I will take us through what the goal is today. This isn’t a traditional hackathon. We’re going to brainstorm together. We are lowering the barriers to entry in turns of participating in the building and growth of DFK. We have beautiful dynamic Heroes that are NFTs, how can you use those? How can you expand on Defi? What lending or options that are in the space but not in DFK that you want to integrate in? How do you want to utilize the art? Those are some of the ideas we’re working with today.

We encourage you to get a whiteboard, meet some other people, brainstorm, what as a project would you recommend we start doing? We are going to have lunch, and then work with a panel with our devs. Then we’ll open it up where the team will walk around and start planning and building and we’ll help you flesh out your ideas. Then Sunbear and myself will get up and talk about our new Grant program, what the process is, how you will apply, and how to use the grant program to make the Defi Kingdoms grow? Then we will have a voting competition for art that was submitted online, have some dinner, and then have some words on some pretty heavy alpha that is being dropped just for those here today.

Those that participate throughout the day and put up ideas at the end, throw your names up on an idea and make a team, we’re going to get names and addresses and make it worth your while because you’re helping us. We’re all here as a community to help build DFK and we should all be compensated accordingly.



DeFi Kingdoms is a Play to Earn MMORPG which is built upon a strong DeFi protocol, and which features rare and unique NFTs with built in utility. This beautifully pixelated game effectively creates a real functioning economy combining DeFi, NFTs, and metaversal elements.

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DeFi Kingdoms

A game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.