DFK Duel Guide

The mini-game you’ve been waiting for is finally here! The DFK Duel Preseason launches tonight and gives players the opportunity to let their Heroes duel against other Heroes. To duel your Heroes, first you must pay a visit to the Duel Master in the Tavern in Serendale. He will guide you through your dueling.

Team Size Selection

Starting a Duel

Duel Sizes

The first step before you will begin your duel is to select the size of duel you want to participate in. Solo is 1v1, Squad is 3v3, and War is 9v9. Heroes can only be committed to one duel at a time and players may only queue one team of Heroes for each duel size. A player can queue for all three duel sizes at once. Players can see if other players are waiting to duel by looking at the Open Entries for each duel size.

When selecting a Hero, players can expect the normal Hero interface with the full Hero filter. Heroes already dueling will be unavailable. The selected Hero will fill the slot on the “Your Deck” menu, and clicking it will clear the Hero so the player can choose again.


Boosting a Stat and Background gives a 3x chance of those choices appearing in the Duel. Stats and Backgrounds have a 1 in 8 chance before being boosted. Choose your Heroes and your boosts wisely!

Entry Fees

An Entry Fee of Gold and JEWEL is paid by both players. The winner of the Duel can expect to reclaim the Gold they put in along with a pile of raffle tickets. The loser does not get their Gold back, but always gets at least one ticket. If players choose to pay the higher JEWEL fees, they can earn more tickets whether they win or lose.

Duel Types

Duel Types

In addition to the duel sizes, players also have the option to choose between a Ranked Match, Private Match, or Practice Match.

When a Ranked Match is selected, players will have a rank based on Rank Points and will risk Rank Points while playing in Ranked Matches. When a player wins, they earn Rank Points and the other player loses Rank Points.

A Private Match will allow one player to challenge another player to a no-cost, no-reward Duel. Player 1 should enter Player 2's address into the Address field and click Send Challenge. After the challenge is sent, Player 1 can check the status on the Current tab of the View Duels menu. After Player 2 accepts the challenge, either player can start the Duel by going to the Current tab of the View Duels menu and clicking on Fight. The Private Match will appear on the Completed menu after.

A Practice Match is a no-cost, no-reward Duel that pits the player’s selected Heroes against the last Heroes to win a Ranked Match in the rank the player selects. This doesn’t use match-making at all and is only recorded on the side of the player running the Practice Match. The Practice Match will appear on the Current tab of the View Duels menu and the player can start the Duel by clicking Fight when they’re ready.

Hero Matchups

Once a Duel is begun, the selected Heroes will be shuffled randomly into a deck and face off against each other one at a time. The winner of each round is based on random selections, influenced by each player’s selected boosts.

Stat Selection

The Duel will first select one of the eight Hero stats and give each Hero points equal to the Hero’s Stat points. For example, if the Duel selects the LCK stat and the Hero has 8 LCK, 8 is the point value they receive from that roll.

Stat Selection (Luck)

Background Selection

The next selection the Duel will make is Background. It will pick from the 8 possible backgrounds and award bonus points in the amount of 50% of the Stat the Duel selected in the prior roll. If the player does not have a matching Background they do not earn a bonus. If both players match the Background, they both earn a bonus.

Background Selection (Island)

Element Comparison

The Duel compares each Hero’s Element and gives 50% of the selected stat in points if one player has a dominant Element. If neither player has a dominant Element no bonus is awarded. The winning Element will be called out in the Play Mat at the top of the Duel.

Element Selection (Ice)

Completing a Duel

Once all Heroes have competed against each other, the Match Results screen will display with details of each round, awards, and changes in Rank Points. They will also see the option to view Details for every matchup. At this point, the Duel will move to the Completed tab of View Duels, and can be accessed at any time.

An impatient player can also bypass the Duel animation by pressing the “Skip to Results” button and jump straight to the Match Results screen if they’d like.

Final Results and Matchup Details

Rank Points

Rank Points are awarded to the winner and deducted from the loser. Players will generally be matched with players within or near their Rank, and will Rank up or down based on their point total. New Ranks are reached every 500 points.

Completed Duels

Happy dueling!



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