DFK Duel, Pets, & Dev Updates!

DFK Duel Update — May 21, 2022

May the peace of Gaia comfort you! We bring tales of the dev team’s travails this week, in another edition of the DeFi Kingdoms Dev Update!

DFK Duel is just around the corner (literally) in the marketplace, and soon players will be able to speak with a new face in the kingdom, the game master, to send their best heroes on Duels!

Harold is waiting in the Tavern to play!

Duels can be fought in groups of 1, 3, or 9 Heroes, with varying levels of rewards for each tier. As you win matches, your score will increase and you will climb the ranks, facing ever more challenging opponents.

There is a brand new matchmaking system, which pairs players in lobbies based on their rank. Winners of duels will earn Raffle Tickets, which can be used to enter multiple raffles (hourly, daily, and weekly) to win prizes!

Heroes will get bonuses based on their elements, card backgrounds, and stats, so make sure to send your best teams in! We are working to provide a more in depth guide going over all the details of DFK Duel! Stay tuned!

Pets Update — May 21, 2022

The Hatchery is nearly open for business! Players will soon have the opportunity to take the eggs they have been hoarding to the Hatchery to begin incubating their eggs.

Jarek is skilled in the ways of coaxing Gaia’s energies into an egg, and provides the choice of three different offerings that Gaia can provide. Each offering has a different cost associated with it, with incubation time, and shiny and rarity chances improving for the higher cost options.

Pets come in a great variety of shapes and sizes. Rarity will play a role in what kind of pet you can find, and even within a given rarity there are rare variant appearances to find! But that is not all. The utility of pets comes from what they provide to the Heroes that own and feed them.

Each pet will have a guaranteed Profession bonus, and have a chance at receiving a combat or crafting bonus (or both!) based on their rarity. Furthermore, each bonus itself has a rarity tier which is indicated by the number of stars next to the icon. Unlike pets and Heroes, which come in all 5 rarities, pet bonuses only have three rarity tiers: Common (1 star), Rare (2 stars), and Mythic (3 stars). The chance of getting higher rarity bonuses is tied to the rarity of the pet.

The initial pet release will come with some caveats. First, only grey and blue eggs will be supported at launch. Creating art for all of these pets is a monumental task, and our art team is still hard at work on the art for the other three eggs. Second, pet bonuses will be set to placeholders until the respective features are closer to launch. In the case of profession bonuses, the wait will not be long. They are planned to be implemented along with the release of the level 10 Fishing and Foraging quests. For all bonuses that contain a placeholder, you will be able to see the rarity and type of bonuses (combat, profession, crafting, etc.) that the pet has, but not the details of what the bonus actually does. Here is a sneak peak of some of the bonuses available:

  • Increased chance of finding runes
  • Increased experience gains
  • Extra item rolls
  • Skill improvements

and more…

This feature will also launch with a trade-in mechanic to put up two unwanted pets for adoption by townsfolk in exchange for one new egg.

The team is excited to start seeing pets frolicking about the kingdom. We are working hard to finish up the work needed to allow hatching of the other eggs, and we will be reporting progress as time moves forward. The current plan is for green and yellow eggs to be ready next, with gold eggs finishing off the collection. Until then, please enjoy the mesmerizing dance of this Star Kid.

Watch him go!

Thank you again for your continued support! We will be here building, week after week, month after month, to bring you amazing content and innovation in the DeFi space! Bullish!



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