DFKDuel Season 6 Has Arrived

I challenge you to a Duel!

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Greetings, Adventurers! The time has come to introduce Season 6 of DFK Duel, our TCG-based mini-game. Bringing in equipment, fee changes, and several more enhancements and new features for you to enjoy, let’s get into it!

Season Info

Season Start: November 15th, 2023, 10:00:00pm ET
Season End: January 10th, 2024, 11:59:59pm ET

Fee Changes

All Duel fees have been doubled, including both Power Tokens and Gold. Accordingly, Raffle Ticket payout has also been doubled.


We’re pleased to introduce a Hero’s Equipment into DFK Duel! In addition to the existing bonuses for bonded Pets, any equipment your Heroes bring into a Duel will provide a +1 bonus to their overall Duel score!

We’re also introducing five new Accessories that provide bonuses exclusive to Duels:

The Ring of Dueling is awarded for reaching Rank Legendary II. Reaching this rank in Solo will reward 1x Ring, Squad will reward 3x, and Warr will reward 9x. These Rings provide a minimum of +3 to the Duel Score of the Hero wearing it, but some rare ones will provide +4. This bonus will be shown in the Ring’s description.

The Champion’s Medal will be earned by becoming the Champion of one of the Duel modes. Similar to Rings, players will earn 1x Medal for Solo Champion, 3x for Squad, and 9x for Warr.

Champion Medals grant a random bonus to the Hero’s Duel Score, which can range from +3–6 to +3–9 depending on the Medal. A player may only obtain a maximum of 13x Champion Medals this season, between all modes. However, if a player earns a lower range Medal and wants to try to get a better one, they can burn this medal by returning it at the DFK Duel menu.

When a medal is returned, it is not immediately replaced with a new medal. Instead, it allows the player to earn a new medal from the same Duel Type, with a chance for a more powerful bonus than before.

Example: If a player has 4x Medals, they can return 1x to the Solo Duel type and the other 3x to the Squad Duel type. Then, if they become champion of Squad, they will receive 3x new Medals. Likewise, becoming champion of Solo will award 1x Medal. If they choose to return all 4x to Warr and then become champion there, 4x new Medals will be awarded.

The Champion’s Crown will be awarded after the season has ended to the Top 3 Champions in each Duel mode. Determined by the cumulative amount of time spent as Champion over the season, first place in each mode will receive the Gold Crown, second place the Silver, and third place the Bronze. These Crowns will provide a boost to Background Roll chances while defending as Duel Champion.

Additional Enhancements

We also have a varity of additional changes this season, including:

Champion Leaderboard

A new leaderboard tracking cumulative time as Champion — follow along to see if you’re in the running for a Crown!

Champion Fee Sharing

Not only will Champions receive more from the increased fees, but they will also get a bigger cut! This season, the Champions’ share has been increased from 5% to 10%!

Matchmaking Tweaks

“Ghost comps” will stay in the mix longer in order to provide better matching opportunities, particularly at higher ranks.

Recharge Limits

We’ve gone dynamic! The number of recharges a player can do will be determined by how many Duels are being fought, to prevent the ability to fly through the ranks in the first few days of the season.

Private Duels

For those that want to take on their friends or host tournaments, Private Duels will no longer include the rotating class bonus.

Gas Efficiency

The never ending quest, multiple improvements have been made to reduce gas used in Dueling by about 28% on Matchmaking and 29% on the Duel itself.

Happy Dueling!



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