Donations Raised by DFK Community

The Defi Kingdoms project has known from its inception that as the project reaches success, they want to leverage that success to give back to the community. While long-term charitable projects are in the works, a recent tragedy has brought the project and community together to give back to the global community.

On Thursday, Dec. 16, Typhoon Odette (international name Rai) struck the Philippines as one of the strongest storms to have ever hit, and the worst storm of the year. An estimated 400,000 people in the Philippines have been affected by Odette, and The International Federation of Red Cross sent out an emergency appeal for nearly $22 million to finance relief and recovery efforts. Seeing this devastation spurned the Defi Kingdoms team into action.

A vote was placed to the community on how best to contribute to relief efforts and it was decided to open a donation wallet where the community could send funds. Defi Kingdoms announced they would match up to $250,000 USD in JEWEL. Fundraising began on December 24th, and will continue up to and beyond the match.

All who donate will be rewarded with a special Achievement when they become available later in the DFK road map. These will vary based on how much a single account contributes, with top 20% Platinum, 20% Gold, 20% Silver, and remaining donors all getting a Bronze level achievement.

A Filipino co-owned play-to-earn gaming guild, Yield Guild Games, heads a cryptocurrency-based donation drive for those affected by the storm, and after donations are aggregated and matched, they will be released to YGG to direct in aid efforts. Relief efforts can be followed on the YGG dedicated twitter account @YGGPilipinas.

If you have been affected by Odette and need financial help, you can submit a request here and YGG Pilipinas will review your request. Donation allocations can be seen here.




DeFi Kingdoms is a Play to Earn MMORPG which is built upon a strong DeFi protocol, and which features rare and unique NFTs with built in utility. This beautifully pixelated game effectively creates a real functioning economy combining DeFi, NFTs, and metaversal elements.

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DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms

A game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.

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