Jeweler 2.0

What is cJEWEL and sJEWEL?

  • Users must lock up JEWEL in the Jeweler contract for a period of time of their choice (between 7 and 1095 days) in order to receive cJEWEL
  • Jeweler fee sharing will work more like how LP staking works in the gardens (claim rewards separately from interacting with cJEWEL)
  • cJEWEL can be used to activate premium features such as experience buffs (feature to come after cJEWEL launch)

cJEWEL Formula and Examples

where MAX DAYS is 1095, and the minimum number of days to lock is 7

Jeweler Interactions

  1. createLock — (Only available if you have 0 cJEWEL) Takes a selected amount of JEWEL to deposit and days to lock and gives back cJEWEL based on the values chosen
  2. increaseAmount — Allows you to add more JEWEL to your deposited balance and receive more cJEWEL based on the remaining locking schedule for the existing balance
  3. increaseUnlockTime — Allows you to receive cJEWEL by extending the unlocking period of your existing JEWEL balance
  4. claimReward — Allows you to claim any pending fee-sharing rewards from the Jeweler
  5. updatePool — Will update the rewards available to everyone with cJEWEL by pulling in fees from the Fee Collector contract (this is also called whenever anyone deposits, extends unlocking periods, claims rewards, or withdraws)
  6. withdraw — Allows you to withdraw your entire JEWEL balance from the Jeweler if your locking period is expired
  7. emergencyWithdraw — Allows you to withdraw before your locking period is expired, but with a 50% penalty (which is burned). The withdrawal penalty is only applied to the principle of the staking, not the rewards.

Jeweler Rewards and Fee Collector

Benefits to Holding cJEWEL

  • Governance will utilize the cJEWEL balance of users for voting on proposals
  • Rewards will come by way of fee sharing, but also regular airdrops can be implemented thanks to the safer timelock nature of cJEWEL
  • Power-Ups will require that you are holding a certain amount of cJEWEL in order to gain access to a benefit

Additional Details

  • cJEWEL tokens will be soulbound to the wallet that generates them
  • You may hold your cJEWEL after the locking period has expired and still receive rewards and governance power
  • Power-Ups use your “available subscription balance,” which is the total amount of cJEWEL you own minus the cJEWEL requirements of each of your subscriptions
  • While the maximum locking time allowed is 3 years, it is expected that most users will use locking periods of 1 year or less



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