Ledger Hardware Wallet — Setup and Usage with DeFi Kingdoms

Comprehensive guide on how to set up and use a Ledger hardware wallet with DeFi Kingdoms

Before beginning this step-by-step guide, set up your Ledger using the instructions included in the package


  1. Setting up Ledger to connect with EVM Dapps (such as DeFi Kingdoms)
  2. Connecting (but not importing) Ledger to Metamask extension and DeFi Kingdoms
  3. Transferring Existing DeFi Kingdoms Assets from “Hot” Wallet to “Cold” Hardware Wallet

1. Setting up Ledger to connect with EVM Dapps (such as DeFi Kingdoms)

Before jumping into this step-by-step guide, please be very careful when purchasing a Ledger and buy directly from Ledger or authorized resellers. Many have been scammed by buying from third parties and loading digital assets onto a compromised hardware wallet.

IMPORTANT: Do not electronically store the seed phrases generated when setting up your Ledger ANYWHERE (i.e. do not take a photo of it, do not save it in a spreadsheet or word document, do not save it in an email, save it only on pen and paper). Ledger includes a handy card with ever Ledger strictly for the purpose of storing your seed phrases.

Step 1.1 — Set up your ledger following the instructions in the box — very simple

Ledger’s website also has very simple instructions to follow.

Step 1.2— Install Ledger Live and Add an Ethereum Portfolio (for EVM Dapps)

Ledger Live can be downloaded directly from Ledger’s website.
Ensure ledger live is up to date
Click on “Add account”
Select “Ethereum” as the asset type
Ledger Live will ask that your device be connected and that you unlock it using the PIN used when setting it up
Ledger Live will push a request for approval to your Ledger asking for approval to install the Ethereum portfolio

Push the two buttons on the Ledger to approve and allow Ledger Live to install the app.

After installed, open the Ethereum app and approve this by pressing the two Ledger buttons
Select “Add Account” on Ledger Live
Select “Done” to complete installation

The “Ethereum” app will already be open on your Ledger at this point and your Ledger should be showing “Application is Ready.” If it is not, scroll through the downloaded apps on your ledger and select Ethereum and open it until you see the “Application is Ready” on the screen. You are now ready to connect to EVM compatible Dapps!

2. Connecting (but not importing) Ledger to Metamask and DeFi Kingdoms

Step 2.1— Connect Ledger Wallet to Metamask Web Browser Extension

Open your Metamask browser extension, click on the multicolored circle to access the various wallets associated with that Metamask extension and select “Connect Hardware Wallet”

IMPORTANT: Do not select “Import Account”, which would prompt you to input the seed phrases of your Ledger hardware wallet. Doing so would effectively negate the benefits of having a hardware wallet. Instead only select “Connect Hardware Wallet”

Select the Ledger option
A list of connected Ledger devices will appear, select the one that you have connected and hit “Connect”
Choose from any of the available addresses that appear and then click “Unlock”
Your ledger will now appear in the list of accounts/wallets under your Metamask Extension. This does not mean that if you restore your Metamask extension on another device that the Ledger wallet will appear there as well. The Ledger wallet would need to be connected to any other Metamask extensions/mobile wallets. The Ledger wallet will also not be associated with the seed phrases for your Metamask hot wallet, it is simply connected to your browser extension so that it can interact with Dapps

Step 2.2— Connect Ledger wallet to DeFi Kingdoms via the Metamask Browser Extension

Now it is time to connect your Ledger wallet to DeFi Kingdoms. This can be done by connecting to the DeFi Kingdoms realm, Serendale, on Harmony, or the DeFi Kingdoms realm, Crystalvale, on DFK Chain, a subnet of Avalanche.

Select the Ledger wallet and connect to DeFi Kingdom’s website, a notification will pop up asking if you’d like to connect the wallet to the website. Click “Connect”

You will need to have a DeFi Kingdoms profile set up. If on Harmony, you will need a small amount of $ONE to approve a transaction to set up an account. If on DFK Chain you will need a small amount of $JEWEL to approve the transaction to set up the profile.

Step 2.3 —Obtain currency to pay for gas fees on your Ledger wallet

You can obtain $ONE to create your profile on Serendale/Harmony by:

  1. Using RAMP onramp, which will be available immediately in game as soon as you try to create a profile; or
  2. Sending $ONE to your Ledger wallet from another address.
You can purchase the $ONE using Ramp in DeFi Kingdom’s website. You will need to connect a bank or a card to Ramp, after which you can make subsequent purchases seamlessly

If you have $ONE on another wallet, you can easily transfer some to your Ledger wallet. Here is how you would do so if you have $ONE in another wallet under the same Metamask extension.

Open you list of wallets/accounts under Metamask and select one that has $ONE currently
Select “Send”
You can easily transfer among wallets under the same Metamask extension by selecting “Transfer between my accounts”
Select the Ledger wallet that you just set up, choose the amount of $ONE you wish to send, and approve the transaction — no Ledger approval needed since this is coming from a hot wallet

Step 2.4 — Set up a DeFi Kingdoms profile on your Ledger wallet

Change back to your Ledger wallet in the Metamask extension after sending the $ONE (or $JEWEL if on DFK Chain) to finish creating a profile.

After receiving the $ONE you can set up your profile by choosing a profile image and selecting a profile name

When you go to complete your profile and approve the transaction in Metamask your ledger will likely reject the transaction saying the you have to enable blind settings in your ledger — you can do this by scrolling to the right on your ledger, selecting Settings and pressing both buttons on the “blind signing” settings to enable it.

You can read more about what “blind signing” is and how to enable it on Ledger’s website directly.

To finally accept, whenever you push the approval from Metamask, a “Review Transaction” will pop up on your ledger, you must scroll to the right through the various fields, which have details about the transaction and on the final option, click both buttons to officially approve the transaction.

You’ve now approved your first transaction in DFK! You’ll have to take this same approval step anytime a transaction needs to be approved. While this may be considered inconvenient for some, this is exactly why it is a protection against hackers targeting hot wallets!

3. Transferring Existing DeFi Kingdoms Assets from “Hot” Wallet to “Cold” Hardware Wallet

Transferring Heroes to your Ledger wallet

Head back to your hot wallet where the heroes currently reside and make sure that any heroes you are planning to move over are done with any quests. Either way until they are done or go and cancel the quest they are currently on.

Go to the “Tavern” and speak with Barkeep Kessing and select “Send Hero”

Select the hero you want to send, at which point it will prompt you to put in an address. Input your ledger address in to the “Enter Address” box and confirm that the profile name you created for your ledger appears. Hit send, and approve the transaction (no Ledger approval needed since this is an approval from your hot wallet).

Rinse and repeat until the heroes you want on your Ledger wallet are all transferred.

Transferring Locked JEWEL to your Ledger wallet

To transfer Locked $JEWEL, simply go to the Jeweler and speak with the Manager, input your Ledger wallet address into the “Recipient Address” and confirm that the profile name that appears is your newly created Ledger profile

IMPORTANT: You can confirm the recipient wallet is your new Ledger wallet by checking the name of the profile that appears when you paste your Ledger wallet address, if it is not the profile name of your Ledger wallet, DO NOT SEND! Confirm you have the right address and do not send until the profile listed for the recipient matches that of your ledger wallet.

Note that this will send all locked JEWEL and all unlocked JEWEL (but will not claim your garden rewards, those will remain in pending until you claim them. This function will also not send your xJEWEL.

Transferring Your Garden LP Tokens to your Ledger wallet

Alright — now on to transferring those juicy Garden LPs to your ledger!

IMPORTANT: Transferring your LP tokens will require you to claim the pending Garden rewards because withdrawing your LP tokens will automatically claim all rewards. DO NOT withdraw your LP tokens unless you are okay with claiming your current pending Garden rewards.

First — go to the Seed Box in the Gardens and withdraw the pairing that you are wanting to move to your Ledger wallet
You can tell if you properly withdrew the LP tokens by going to the Druid in the marketplace
If properly withdrawn you will see the pairing listing under “Your Liquidity” and when you select it, you will see the option to Split the Seeds. If you hadn’t withdrawn the LP tokens from the Seed Box it would simply say “Manage Liquidity in Rewards Pool.”

Once the LP tokens are withdrawn you have two options:

  1. Split the LP pairing back into the two underlying tokens and send each of them separately to your Ledger; or
  2. Simply transfer the LP token itself to the new Ledger wallet.

The remainder of this section will walk you through how to transfer your LP token (without splitting it).

First — you will need the contract address of the LP token for the pairing you are wanting to send. In the example above, we are transferring a JEWEL<>1USDC token. You can obtain a list of all of the LP token pairings from this handy list created by one of our Knight Generals, Albus here.

Once you have the LP token address, go to your Metamask extension, select “Assets”, scroll to the bottom and select “Import Tokens”
Paste in the address for the applicable LP Token, in this example we are doing JEWEL<>1USDC
The LP token will now be viewable in your Metamask (although it was always there, you just couldn’t see it without adding the address). Select send and choose the address to which you want to send the LP token.
You can again use the handy “Transfer between my accounts” or simply paste in the address of your Ledger Wallet

You can now switch back to your Ledger wallet, go to the Gardens and click on the Seed Box. When you go to the pairing for the token you just transferred it will now show as having an amount available to deposit.

Approve the contract to be able to deposit, then select Deposit after that confirmation. Both of these confirmation will require a confirmation in Metamask and a separate confirmation on the Ledger by pressing the two Ledger buttons

Transferring Other DeFi Kingdoms Items to your Ledger wallet

Any other DeFi Kingdoms items you want to transfer to your Ledger wallet can be done the exact same way as sending the JEWEL<>1USDC LP token example above. A list contract addresses for Serendale tokens and Crystalvale tokens can be found in the DeFi Kingdoms Discord.

Thanks again for your support and for being an amazing community! As always, godspeed and happy questing!

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