New Power Token!

We are pleased to be able to announce our new power token, JADE!

DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale will soon be available to play on Klaytn as Serendale 2.0. The Serendale move to Klaytn will involve minor visual updates, as well as changes to the tokenomics of DeFi Kingdoms.

A community vote was held and passed in September on the new tokenomics involving JADE. See more details on JADE below:

Serendale on Harmony to be retired

● All upgradable smart contracts will be turned off via a phased schedule

● Locked JEWEL will be set to not unlock according to existing Harmony schedule ● Fully functional bridges will be provided to move assets safely to DFK Chain prior to retiring ● A snapshot will be taken for any DFK-native tokens that fail to move assets via bridge

Serendale 2.0 to Launch on Klaytn

● Minor visual updates to overall look and feel of realm

● New utility token JADE minted through a native DEX to be launched

● New classes and gene sets synchronized with Klaytn theme

● In-game bridge services to fully support bridging between DFK Chain and Klaytn

JEWEL Utility and Changes

● JEWEL becomes the Governance and Fee Sharing token for all chains as the only option for all Jewelers, as well as gas on DFKChain

● In-game benefits for holding certain amounts of xJEWEL (reduced/exempt fees, increased rewards, snapshots and airdrops, etc.) subject to timelock

● Supply cap reduced to 125mm, no new JEWEL to be minted, with JEWEL burn from DFK Chain gas

New Klaytn Power Token JADE

● Intended to be the sister token to CRYSTAL, used for all gameplay related features in Serendale 2.0 ● Cap of 250mm, 125mm locked JEWEL to become 125mm locked JADE

● First liquid ~20mm of JADE awarded to locked JEWEL holders with 1 year linear unlock schedule


● CRYSTAL to remain the gameplay-related utility token for Crystalvale

● xCRYSTAL to be phased out given JEWEL will be the only token to stake at JEWELER ● New cap of 250mm, 125mm locked JEWEL to become 125mm locked CRYSTAL



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DeFi Kingdoms

A game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.