New Year Refreshers

Some helpful updates you may have forgotten!

As we prepare for an exciting 2023, there are some housekeeping items we want to recall to ensure that Kingdom Studios and the community are all on the same page. Obviously 2022 brought many challenges and changes, so in our pursuit of transparency, we want to refresh some information that may have been forgotten along the way.

Kingdom Studios Organization

First, a brand new Org Chart!

This revamped pillar structure allows us to more efficiently work toward our objectives, while having clear and simple cross-pillar communication. Each pillar has its own priorities as well as ones that are shared between pillars to ensure we stay unified on our overall objectives.

With regular meetings and communication between the pillar heads, we can best keep the whole team in sync and increase awareness of activity within the team.

Remaining Gen0 Heroes

Second, remaining unminted Gen0 Heroes. Going in order of realm launch:

Serendale (Harmony)

This was our largest mint of Gen0s and included the only ones that were sold. 2,100 Gen0 Heroes were allocated to this original launch, including:

  • 2,000 for the public sale
  • 50 for a snapshot raffle
  • 50 for promotional uses

The 2,000 all sold out; we actually gave away 51 during the snapshot raffle (taking the 1 extra from the promotional use), 24 were given to influencers and partners, and 19 were minted for team and contributors. This brings us to a grand total of 2,094 Harmony Serendale Gen0 Heroes, leaving 6 still available for promotional uses.


500 Gen0 Heroes were allocated to Crystalvale in order to represent the two new basic Hero classes introduced. These included:

  • 200 given as rewards to Perilous Journey participants
  • 100 to xJEWEL holders across three raffles
  • 100 to xCRYSTAL holders
  • 30 used as Leaderboard rewards
  • 10 for Hero Summoning
  • 10 for the first Heroes to level 10
  • 6 for Duels Preseason rewards
  • 5 for leveling Heroes
  • 2 at EthDenver
  • 1 minted for testing and then given away in the DFK Birthday Event
  • Finally, an unopened Crystalvale Gen0 was opened at just the right time to bring out a Legionnaire (this is not normally possible), so we are counting that as a Klaytn Serendale Gen0 (below), and refunding a Gen0 back to Crystalvale.

Therefore, all in all, 464 Gen0s given out, with the 1 credited back gives us 463 Gen0s currently distributed in Crystalvale and 37 remaining.

Serendale (Klaytn)

With our newest realm, we again allotted 500 Gen0s to introduce another two new basic classes!

  • 100 Gen0s for cJEWEL holders
  • 75 for Summoning in Crystalvale
  • 75 for Dark Summoning in Crystalvale
  • 6 for the Duels Season 1 raffle

Additionally we have already earmarked:

  • 100 for sJEWEL
  • 75 for Serendale Summoning
  • 5 to our social media/merch raffle
  • 2 that were minted for testing
  • the 1 that is refunded back to Crystalvale

This brings our total to 439 Gen0s already accounted for and 61 remaining.

Tl;dr: 104 total Gen0s that have not been yet distributed.

We will utilize these remaining Gen0s for various giveaways and other efforts, but felt it important to ensure that it did not come as a surprise. These Gen0s will be locked to the classes of their original realm as they were intended.

Land Plots

Third, Land plots per realm.

It was previously planned and communicated that Harmony Serendale, as the “homeland” would ultimately have 1,000 plots of Land. Following the 1/4th design of our expansions, we intended Crystalvale to have 250 plots of Land.

However, given all of the changes made and the equalizing of the realms, we have rethought this as well, and instead intend to have Serendale and Crystalvale each have 500 plots. Accounting for two additional expansions sometime in the future, this would still bring us to the same total Land count as originally planned, just with an even distribution between realms.

We know that everyone is interested in learning more about Land utility and currently there’s no new information to share, but please be rest assured that we are taking great care in designing all of it.

Locked Token Spending

Finally, utility for Locked Tokens.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …… Back in the beginning of Summer 2022, we mentioned plans to add utility for Locked Tokens by allowing some in-game transactions to be paid via Locked Tokens, albeit at a premium. We then were forced to shift priorities and have not yet been able to dedicate the time and resources to make that happen.

However, want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that it is still a utility we are looking to add. Given all of the resets of 2022, we decided to go back and not start from scratch, but revisit previous plans and ensure they still aligned with the best interests of the ecosystem and community. We will bring forth more information on this topic as it is finalized.

Thanks for being a wonderful community — we can’t to bring you everything that 2023 has in store!



DeFi Kingdoms is a Play to Earn MMORPG which is built upon a strong DeFi protocol, and which features rare and unique NFTs with built in utility. This beautifully pixelated game effectively creates a real functioning economy combining DeFi, NFTs, and metaversal elements.

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