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Hello Kingdom!

It is patch time again, and this time around it’s an especially exciting patch! We’ve spent a lot of time over the last months to get the Combat Engine into a good place that allows us to introduce fun and rewarding battles with strategic depth, while also updating many visual and sound effects, so it has been a while since a Hero’s Skill Codex has been unlocked.

With this patch, our 4th Hero makes its debut to the battlegrounds: the Warrior, a versatile close combat brawler that opens up a variety of new tactics.

In addition to that, we’re also introducing the long awaited Pass Turn mechanic.

We’ve also changed some Skill formulas to use more rewarding Dynamic Stats, as well as doing tweaks to how Accuracy is calculated.

Over the last few weeks, we received plenty of much appreciated feedback from all you Void Hunters. In response, we reduced the HP growth of higher level Mad Boars to more comfortable levels.

Additionally we’ve seen the rise of Archer/Archer/Archer teams often demolishing Mama and her Babies. In response, we’re shaving off some of the damage numbers.

Knights have seen competition by classes which don’t have their Skill Codex released yet. To make it feel more worthwhile to have a Knight protect your team, we are increasing his overall tankiness granted by his Skills.

Enough with the overview, let’s get into more detail about these and many other changes!


Pass Turn

Sometimes the best thing to do is do nothing. Heroes will now be able to pass their turn, which will return 400 Initiative to them, by pressing the “Pass Turn” button located below the “Reposition” button.

Adjustment of several Skills to use Dynamic Stats

We adjusted some existing Skills to stop using flat Stat multipliers (for example, 0.05*STR), and instead use Dynamic Stat multipliers (for example 2*STR.S). Dynamic Stats show how well your Hero’s specific Stat does compared to other Heroes of the same level and can range from 1% to over 10% (returns above 10% are diminished by a factor of 3 to ensure game balance). By doing so, Heroes that excel in specific Stats will play and feel more rewarding. For example, Knights with very high STR are more intimidating and more successful at Taunting their opponent compared to Knights with a comparatively low STR Stat.

For details about those changes, check out the “Class Changes” section of the patch notes. You can check your Heros Dynamic Stats in the Battle Compendium.

Updated Accuracy Formula

We’ve tweaked our Accuracy Formula for both physical and magical attacks if the Hero meets the DEX/FOCUS requirements of the Weapon they are using. Having more than the required Stats will result in a noticeable Accuracy increase.

Basic Attack Accuracy Increase

Especially in long drawn out battles, it sometimes can be frustrating if your Heroes go on a Miss-streak. Basic Attacks will now have an increased +5% Accuracy.

Daze, Stun, Taunt Changes

We’ve been also doing some tweaks to everyone’s favorite status effects. We increased the 50% Daze/Stun resistance duration for Combatants that have been affected by either Status Effect from 1 Turn to 2 Turns. Additionally, the following effect is added:

Gain Resistance: Gain 50% Stun/Daze resistance for 2 Turns. This resistance becomes 100% for 3 Turns if Stunned/Dazed again while this resistance is in effect.

Taunt itself got a bigger rework. Occasionally, a lucky Self-Recovery Cleanse could throw a battle into disarray when an unplanned Rampage decimated a so far successful team. Therefore Taunt will no longer be cleansable. Instead, if a Taunted Combatant takes damage from someone other than its Taunter, there is a chance for the Taunt to break — so keep that in mind! Additionally, a Taunted Combatant will now deal more damage.

When a player uses a “Taunt” skill, the target enemy is forced to attack the Taunting Hero for a Duration of X.

The Taunted enemy MUST attack the Taunter for the Duration and can perform only actions that target the Taunter.

When Taunted, gain resistance: Gain +50% resistance to Taunt for a Duration of 4 turns.

This resistance stacks but does not share Duration.

When Taunted, gain +10% increase to damage dealt until Taunt is removed.

Taunt CANNOT be Cleansed or Purified.

Taunt has a 50% chance to be removed each time the Taunted target suffers HP damage (not Barrier) from any source other than the Taunter or DoT effects.


The newest addition of Heroes that will have their Skill Codex unlocked, the almighty Warrior features three different Disciplines: Gladiator, Juggernaut and Bloodthirst. Gladiator features Bleed and AoE heavy abilities, whereas Juggernaut boosts the Warriors Defence, and Bloodthirst deals the heavy blows while also allowing the Warrior to sustain some HP. By going down any of the Disciplines, or mixing them up, they make the Warrior a perfect fit for almost any team that is in urgent need of Tank, Offtank or Damage Dealer.

The Warriors Skill Codex also introduces many new mechanics to the DeFi Kingdoms Combat Engine:

Cleave: Attacks with Cleave hit both the target and the position immediately behind the target.

Execute: When a target has less than X% of remaining HP, kill target. Is subject to status effect resistance.

Lifesteal: Damage dealt returns X% as HP.

Riposte: If target has X% Riposte, when physical damage is received, deal X% of the damage received to the attacker. This damage cannot be Dodged or Blocked. This damage is subject to Defense mitigation.

Slow: Reduces current Speed by X%. Stacks of slow add together. Gain Resistance: Until Slowed Hero is no longer Slowed, gain 50% resistance to Slow. This resistance stacks.

The Warriors Weapon proficiency also allows him to use both a one-handed Weapon and a Shield, or use a two-handed Weapon. By default the Hunters Guild lends him a one-handed Mace and a Shield. The Mace has a 5% chance to Daze the enemy upon hitting, which applies to both Basic Attacks as well as damage dealing Abilities.

Without any further ado, here are the Warriors Skills!

Tier 1

Gladiator Strike

Deal (1.1*ATTACK + 0.7*STR + 0.7*END) raw damage to target enemy. COMBO: If “Basic Attack” was used last turn, this attack gains a (50 + 3.0*DEX.S)% chance to inflict Bleed to target.


This Hero gains +20% Riposte for 2 turns. COMBO: If “Tuff” is active, gain +30% P.DEF for 1 turn. Amnesia 2

War Cry

Party members gain: (1.0*STR.S + 1.0*END.S)% increase to damage dealt for 2 turns. (0.3*STR.S + 0.3*END.S)% increase to Physical and Magical Accuracy for 2 turns. Target each enemy. On hit: (50 + 3.0*STR.S)% chance to Intimidate each target by 15% for 1 turn. COMBO: If “Punish” was used last turn, (35 + 3.0*STR.S)% chance to Silence each target for 1 turn.

Tier 2

Gladiator (Passive)

Gain +10% HP while in combat.

Buff (Passive)

Gain +40% P.DEF. Reduce raw damage dealt by -10%.

Bloodthirst (Passive)

Gain +10% Lifesteal.

Tier 3


Deal (1.0*ATTACK + 1.0*DEX + 1.0*LCK) raw damage to each enemy. (50 + 3.0*END.S)% chance to Slow each hit target by 15% for 2 turns. Exhaust 1.


Deal (0.3*ATTACK + 1.3*STR) raw damage to target enemy. (50 + 2.0*STR.S)% chance to Taunt target for 2 turns. Gain Unstoppable for 2 turns.

Brutal Rend

Deal (1.2*ATTACK + 1.0*DEX) raw damage to target enemy. (60 + 2.0*DEX.S)% chance for 15% Lifesteal. COMBO: If target enemy is Bleeding: Deal an additional (0.5*ATTACK + 0.3*STR) raw damage to target. This attack gains a (50 + 3.0*DEX.S)% chance to inflict Bleed to target. Amnesia 2.

Tier 4

Rapid Onslaught

Deal 4 Basic Attacks to target enemy. The damage of each successful hit is reduced by 20%. COMBO: If “Gladiator Strike” was used last turn, “Rapid Onslaught” has +10% accuracy. Amnesia 2.

Tuff (Passive)

Gain +15% Block. Reduce raw damage dealt by -5%.


Deal (0.6*ATTACK + 0.3*STR) raw damage to target enemy. COMBO: If target enemy is Bleeding, Dazed, Stunned, or Intimidated, deal an additional (1.2*ATTACK + 1.5*DEX) raw damage to target. Amnesia 2.

Tier 5

Furious Cleave (Passive)

This Hero’s Basic Attacks gain Cleave. Basic Attack damage is reduced by 25%. Basic attacks gain -10% P.ACC.


This Hero gains: Redirect 100% of all physical damage dealt to the ally immediately behind this Hero to this Hero for 2 turns. COMBO: If “Buff” is active, gain +20% P.DEF for 2 turns. Amnesia 2

Final Blow

Deal (2.0*ATTACK + 3.0*STR) raw damage to target enemy. If this attack results in target having less than 10% of max HP, Execute target. Amnesia 4

Void Hunts

Boars HP Scaling

On the higher levels, Mama Boar and her Babies can get very beefy, drawing out the fight and increasing its difficulty. We adjusted the Boars HP scaling on higher levels down a bit which should make higher level fights more enjoyable.

Boars Behavior Changes

To ensure that the Baby Boars don’t break their Mamas Taunt immediately following the changes to the Status Effect, they now have a higher chance to use Charm or Headbutt if their target is Taunted.

While Wild Charges sometimes can be a very painful experience, they are also a crucial part to many popular strategies and sometimes the waiting for it can be an equally painful experience, while the Players Team gets withered away by Gores and Lil Gores. For every turn Mama Boar doesn’t channel her Wild Charge when it is available, she will get a gradually increased chance to start channeling her following Turn.

Speaking of Wild Charge, we are also increasing the terror inflicted by a storming, mad Boar charging towards your Team: the chance to Stun a target has been increased from 10% to 25%.

Class Changes


Archers have been performing very well, especially the Flurry Discipline and One Small Stone, whereas channeled Skills are rarely seeing play. We’re bringing back some power to some of the Precision Discipline Skills by increasing their Accuracy, while also slightly adjusting Repeating Shot, One Small Stone and Barrage.

Tier 1

Precision Strike

Changed the chance to inflict Stun from (15 + 0.05*DEX)% to (5 + 2.5*DEX.S)%.

NEW: +5% Accuracy.

Tier 2


Changed the additional Critical Strike Chance from +(5 + 0.05*DEX)% to +(1.0*DEX.S)%.


Changed the Pierce from +(20 + 0.05*STR)% to +(15 + 1.5*STR.S)%.

Tier 3

Rapid Shot

Changed the chance to inflict Daze from (35 + 0.05*LCK)% to (28 + 2.0*LCK.S)%.


NEW: +5% Accuracy.

Piercing Arrow

Changed the chance to inflict Bleed from (50 + 0.05*LCK)% to (40 + 2.0*STR.S + 1.0*LCK.S)%.

Tier 4

Repeating Shot

Decreased the additional Combo damage from 1.5*DEX to 1.3*DEX.

Dead Aim

NEW: +5% Accuracy.

One Small Stone

Decreased the additional Critical Strike damage from +150% to +130%.

Tier 5


Decreased the damage to the same target from 2nd Arrow = 2.0*LCK; 3rd Arrow = 4.0*LCK; 4th Arrow = 6.0*LCK; 5th Arrow = 12.0*LCK to 2nd Arrow = 2.0*LCK; 3rd = 2.5*LCK; 4th = 3.0*LCK; 5th = 4.0*LCK; 6th = 5.0*LCK.


While Knights have been great at controlling the flow of the fight, sometimes they didn’t feel as tanky and beefy as they look like. These changes will make a Knight that is being played as a pure frontline tank feel a lot more durable and will make him a valuable addition to any team that needs to shield their fragile Damage Dealer and Supporter.

Tier 1


NEW: Challenge now has a 10% increased chance to hit the enemy.
Changed the chance to inflict Taunt from (60 + 0.05*STR)% to (50 + 2.0*STR.S)%.

Increased the chance to Intimidate the Target from (25 + 0.05*STR)% to (40 + 4.0*STR.S)%.

Reduced the Intimidate Damage Decrease from 15% to 10%.

Mighty Strike

Reduced the damage from (1.5*ATTACK + 1.0*STR) to (1.4*ATTACK to 1.0*STR).

Increased the applied P.DEF reduction debuff from 15% to 30%.

NEW: The P.DEF debuff now has a Stack Limit of 2.

Shield Up

Shield Up no longer deals damage.

Increased the duration of Shield Up from 2 Turns to 3 Turns.

Increased the Block from +10% to +15%.

Increased the P.DEF from +20% to +100%.

NEW: Damage dealt is reduced by 30% for 3 Turns.

Increased Amnesia from 1 to 2.

Tier 2

For Honor

Increased P.DEF granted to Allies behind this Hero from 20% to (20 + 2*0*END.S)% of this Hero’s P.DEF.

For Valor

Changed the P.DEF increase from (15 + 0.05*END)% to (10 + 3.0*END.S).

Tier 4


Increased the Combos P.DEF from +30% to +50%.

Tier 5

Royal Guard

Increased P.DEF granted from +30% to +50%.

Iron Shield

Increased P.DEF from (45 + 0.05*END)% to (50 + 2.0*END.S)%.


This time around, only little tweaks for the Priest. High INT stats will now result in an even more noticeable ATTACK buff. Additionally, Prayer of Protection was overshadowed by other Healing and Shielding Skills due to its comparatively high costs, so we’re tuning those down a notch. Full Heal getting some additional love as an emergency spell.

Tier 3

Prayer of Might

Changed the %ATTACK granted (30 + 0.05*INT) to (25 + 2.0*INT.S).

Tier 4

Prayer of Protection

Decreased the base mana cost from 7 to 4.

Tier 5

Full Heal

Decreased the base mana cost from 30 to 24.

NEW: Full Heal now Purifies the target.

Bug Fixes

  • One Small Stone should now correctly display its Critical Strike Chance.
  • Last patch we changed the behavior of the Boars to only use Lil Gore and Gore respectively. Mama Boar will now use Rampage if a Baby Boar was killed before her first Turn.
  • Critical Strike Chance is now correctly displayed in the Battle Compendium.



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