Patch Notes Update — June 15, 2022

Good release day, Kingdom!

It’s happening! DFK Duel has finally arrived in Serendale. Head over to the Tavern, grab a pint, and settle in for a match. We will be releasing onto the Beta site first to ensure that everything is buttoned up before pushing it to production at a later date. But you can start playing today! Check out all the great features wrapped into Duel below Beetle Dude

DFK Duel

DFK Duel is a mini-game that gives Heroes the chance to compete using Hero Stats, Backgrounds, and Elements. A winner is decided based on random selections performed by the Duel. For Roll One, the Duel will select a Hero Stat and give each Hero points equal to the Hero’s Stat points. For example, if the Duel selects the WIS stat and the Hero has eight WIS, eight is the point value they receive from that roll. Roll Two earns bonus points based on Roll One. A Background will be selected and if Heroes match they will earn bonus points of 50% rounded down of the points earned in Roll One. The third bonus is not a roll but related to how Elements can be weak and strong against one another. For example, the Fire Element is strong against the Ice Element. A Hero wielding Fire against Ice earns a bonus of 50% rounded down of the Hero’s Stat points earned in Roll One.

To duel, players need to select the size of Duel they want to participate in. Solo is 1v1, Squad is 3v3, and War is 9v9. Heroes can only be committed to one Duel at a time and players may only queue one team of Heroes for each Duel size. A player can queue for all three Duel sizes at once. Players can see if other players are waiting to duel by looking at the Open Entries for each Duel size. If there are no entries waiting to duel, players can queue their Heroes and wait for the next player to challenge them. When either player clicks Fight the Duel will be completed and moved to the Completed tab of the View Duels menu where it can be Replayed or the results viewed.

Entry Fees are paid by both players. The winner of the Duel can expect to reclaim the gold they put into the Duel and a pile of tickets. The loser does not get their gold back (20% burned and 80% to the gold pot) but gets at least One ticket. If players choose to pay the higher Jewel Fee they can earn more tickets when they win or lose.

Rank Points are awarded to the winner and deducted from the loser. Players will generally duel within their Rank or be matched with a player near their Rank. Players can Rank up or down based on their point total. Ranks are reached every 500 points.

There are also Practice and Private matches, where you can test your mettle against a previous participant or your real-life nemesis, respectively! Or if you’re feeling curious, search up a specific Duel to peep some epic battles and strats.

The Raffle Master will be coming soon, and will allow you to exchange your giant pile of Duel raffle tickets for a chance to win amazing prizes.

Additional New Features

  • Add arrows in the Central and East Marketplace zones for easy navigation
  • Add proper credit for our fantastic lore team who worked on pet descriptions

Bug Fixes

  • Fix jumping profile menu
  • Misc bugs that couldn’t hold their own in a duel

Thanks again for being an awesome community! Get out there and start challenging your friends or your enemies to a rousing Duel. Godspeed and good dueling!

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