Patch Notes Update — June 8, 2022

Good release day, Kingdom!

As we continue to barrel towards a beta Duels release next week (as mentioned in Dreamer’s fantastic talk today at DCentral), we’ve also finalized several other items for this week’s release. — Beetle Dude

Pet Trade-in

You’ve probably heard your parents say they don’t have a favorite child. Well, they must not have had any blubs for children! But if you do and you secretly want to sweep those little slime monsters under a rug, go visit Jarek the Hatcher in the East Marketplace and check out his newly available option. You can now trade in two of your least favorite fur (or slime) babies for a fresh, new pet egg and a chance at a bigger, better, more awesome pet. Or, you know, another blub. Maybe an engorged blub this time?

The types of pets (grey or blue) determine which egg type you will receive. Two of the same type will receive their shared egg type but any split pairs will receive a random egg of one of the two colors. And don’t worry, your old pets will get to live out the rest of their lives in a beautiful pasture full of grass, feed, and a thick trail of slime.

New Features

  • Display name and detailed information for attunement crystals and enhancement stones when summoning or leveling
  • Display a Hero’s highest stat for training quests to make it easier to select and assign properly
  • Add info on connecting to POKT on the chain select button in the bottom right corner
  • Add confirmation dialog for cancelling quests early in the Active Quest log
  • Overhaul the recent sales and hires option for performance and functionality
  • Add navigation arrows on the Marketplace zones for quick internal movement

Bug Fixes

  • Load inventory item balances one at a time to speed up performance
  • Miscellaneous bugs that dueled and lost…permanently

Thanks again for being such an awesome community! We’re excited for the future and for the opportunity to keep building, building, building. Godspeed and good questing!

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