Pet Pasture

As everyone knows from childhood, when your pets suddenly disappear it’s because they were sent out to the farm. Here in DeFi Kingdoms, your pets can also get sent out to pasture when it’s time to let them go.

If you’re finding yourselves with some pets you’re not happy with, you now have the option to trade in two of those pets for a new pet egg. Trading in your pets will give you a chance at an even more awesome pet.

The first step to send those pets out to pasture is to pay a visit to Jarek at the Hatchery.

In the Hatchery, select “Pet Trade-in” to send your pets out to pasture. Select the two pets that you feel have lived a long enough life, and click “Start Trade-In” to trade for your new egg.

The types of pets (grey or blue) determine which egg type you will receive. Two of the same type will receive their shared egg type but any split pairs will receive a random egg of one of the two colors. Your old pets will get to live out the rest of their lives in a beautiful pasture that can’t be visited.

Once you have clicked “Complete Trade-In”, you will receive your new pet egg!

If you need a reminder on how to hatch your new egg, check out our guide here:



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