Serendale 1.0 — Harmony Outpost

How to move remaining assets to Crystalvale

“The thread of this reality has finally snapped and has begun to sag under the enormity of its own weight. Yes, the Portal remains intact but no one can say for how long. Please, save yourself…” — Druid Lisa

The time has finally come for Serendale 1.0 to close, as DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale 2.0 moves to Klaytn. More information on the reasons behind this move that can be found in our previous article and the writeup of our announcement AMA by Samichpunch.

The Harmony Outpost

What remains on Serendale 1.0 can be found on our new Harmony Outpost. Here, you can collect and move any remaining assets to Crystalvale, while we await the upcoming launch on Klaytn.

A handful of NPCs have remained behind in order to facilitate moving your assets:

Druid Lazarus (Liquidity Pool Tokens)

Visit Druid Lazarus to withdraw any Liquidity Pool tokens from the former Gardens, and split the seeds back into the original tokens.

JEWEL can be bridged directly to Crystalvale on DFK Chain at the Dockmaster. Some other tokens like AVAX are better sent to Avalanche C-Chain first, either through the in-game Synapse Bridge or the Multichain Bridge. Always be aware of liquidity when bridging tokens!

Jeweler Ian (xJEWEL)

Jeweler Ian will help you withdraw any xJEWEL that you have and convert it back into JEWEL for bridging.

Dockmaster Maria (Bridging)

The Dockmaster will help you bridge all of your remaining Tokens, Heroes, and Pets. Choose the relevant menu item and send them on their way!

Caution: Take note of the recommended gas fees with these transactions. Only 100–150 gwei is needed, but they will often default to 1000 gwei.

Item Bridge

Don’t forget to bridge your Bloaters, Ragweed, Enhancement Stones, Attunement Crystals, Potions, and all the other quest items you’ve earned in Serendale.

Visit your Inventory, click on the item you want to bridge, and select “Bridge Item.” Once you approve and sign the transaction, your Bloaters will be safely on their way!

Locked JEWEL

Your locked JEWEL balance is not bridgeable. It will be snapshotted and redistributed on DFK Chain and Klaytn as locked JEWEL, locked CRYSTAL, and locked JADE according to the new tokenomics distribution schedule that was voted on and approved by the community. You do not need to do anything with your locked JEWEL.

What an adventure we’ve had together in Serendale 1.0! We’ll see you on the other side!



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