Step-by-Step guide to Setting up and Playing DeFi Kingdoms on Metamask Mobile

While the DeFi Kingdoms application is currently web-based only, it is still possible to play via your Metamask Mobile browser! Here is how you can set up Metamask Mobile so that you can play DeFi Kingdoms on the go while you are away from your desk.

Table of Contents

1 — Download & install Metamask Mobile on your device

2 — Setting up a new Metamask wallet

3 — Import a currently existing Metamask wallet

Download & Install Metamask Mobile on your device

Download the Metamask app for your applicable device. Always make sure you are downloading directly from Metamask at The below pictures will walk through how to do this on iOS, but the steps are similar for others operating systems.

Go to and download the app for the applicable OS you are using
The website will direct you to the applicable app store to download the app
Download and open the app, then tap on “Get started”
You’ll now how the option to either import a Metamask wallet you currently have on another device using the Secret Recover Phrase (i.e. seed phrases) or create a new wallet, which will generate a new set of seed phrases for you, making it a separate wallet from any other Metamask wallets you may have.

Setting Up a New Metamask wallet

Creating a New Wallet

If you don’t already have a wallet you are using on a computer web-based wallet via a browser extension, or if you want to create a separate account from an existing DFK account you may already have on a web-browser wallet, you can choose to create a new wallet during the Metamask Mobile set up.

By doing so you will need to create a password. This password only applies to this device (i.e. if you use the Seed Recovery Phrase you will get from recovering this wallet to import to another device, you will need to set another password, and it will have no impact on this device)

Metamask will then prompt you to watch a short video on how to secure you wallet and keep your Secret Recovery Phrase safe.

After reading the warnings about how to keep your Secret Recovery Phrase, Metamask will provide you with a 12-word combination, this is your Secret Recovery Phrase, keep it safe and write it down somewhere on a piece of paper!

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING SECRET RECOVERY PHRASES — Do not save these electronically. You should always try to save these on paper or somewhere that cannot be accessed electronically.

Before finalizing the wallet set up, Metamask will ask you to confirm the 12 seed phrases in your Secret Recovery Phrase in the correct order.

Upon doing so, you can create “Complete Backup” and your wallet will be created!

Setting up Harmony Network on your Metamask Wallet to Play in Serendale Realm

Because all wallets newly created or freshly imported using Secret Recovery Phrases default to the Ethereum network, you’ll have to add Harmony (for Serendale realm) and DFK Chain (for Crystalvale realm) Networks so that you can play DeFi Kingdoms on your Metamask mobile browser.

Fortunately, this is a simple process to add these two networks. You can do so easily by accessing your web browser within the Metamask mobile app.

This will open up the browser — once there you can type the following address into the “Search or Type URL” box:

Once you arrive at you will see this page. If you scroll down you will see a search bar, where you can type “Harmony”

This will pull up the Harmony Mainnet Shard 0 network. There are also other Harmony RPCs you can add by clicking the arrow drop down. You’ll want to click on the “Connect Wallet”

Clicking on Connect Wallet will bring up a popup asking you to confirm if you want to connect your Metamask wallet to this website. Tap on “Connect”.

After tapping on “Connect” you’ll have an option to add the Harmony network. Tap on that blue button, which will create another approval notification. Hit “Approve”.

This adds the Harmony network and prompts another popup, asking if you want to switch to the Harmony network that you just added. Go ahead and hit Switch network.

You can see that you are now connected to the Harmony Mainnet Shard 0 network, rather than the Ethereum network, which was the default. You can always quickly switch between networks with a few taps.

Now that you have added the Harmony Mainnet network, go back to your browser built into the Metamask wallet and go to

From there you can click on “Start Playing”! This will prompt another notification asking if you’d like to connect your wallet to this website. Once you’ve confirmed its the actual DeFi Kingdoms website, hit “Connect”.

Upon doing so, you’ll arrive at a window for all new players, noting that you’ll need some $ONE to pay for gas. You can Buy ONE directly through the website using the Ramp service, or you can transfer ONE from another wallet or from an exchange to this newly created wallet. You can find a helpful guide on how to transfer $ONE to your wallet via the DeFi Kingdoms tutorial here.

Once you have some $ONE, you can create a profile and get started playing!

Setting up DFK Chain Network on your Metamask Wallet to Play in Crystalvale Realm

The process to adding DFK Chain network is the exact same as adding Harmony, except when you go to, you will instead search for “DFK” rather than “Harmony.” You will follow the exact same steps and voila, you’ll now also have DFK Chain added!

You can seamlessly switch between Serendale (Harmony realm) and Crystalvale (DFK Chain realm) by changing your network by selecting the three dots in the bottom right corner of Metamask mobile and simply switching the network.

Switching to DFK Chain network will automatically move you to Crystalvale, however all assets remain on the applicable chain unless bridged.

Import a Currently Existing Metamask wallet

Importing using Secret Recovery Phrase

What if you have already been playing DeFi Kingdoms through a computer web browser and don’t want to start a new account/wallet? You can import that same Metamask wallet and run it on multiple devices! You can do this by selecting the “Import using Secret Recovery Phrase” on the first setup screen after installing Metamask mobile.

Next you’ll be prompted to input your wallet by entering the secret recovery phrase for the wallet you are currently using for DeFi Kingdoms. If you were already using a Metamask wallet on a browser extension, for example, this would typically be a 12-word phrase. When entering the Secret Recovery Phrase, type each word separated by a space.

After filling in your Secret Recovery Phrase, you select a password, which will apply only to this device. In other words, you can have the same wallet (same address, private keys, etc) on two different devices, but each device have different passwords to open the wallet. The password is device specific.

When entering the Secret Recovery Phrase, type each word with a space in between

Setting up Harmony and DFK Chain Networks on your Metamask Wallet

Because all Metamask Wallets default to Ethereum network, you’ll need to add the Harmony (for Serendale) and DFK Chain networks to your metamask wallet so that you can connect your imported wallet to play on Serendale and Crystalvale, even though you’ve already done so on your computer. This is something that has to be added for every single device on which you’ll import a specific Metamask wallet.

To set up the Harmony and DFK Chain RPC/networks, you can follow the exact same process you did on your computer, or see the above section on Setting up Harmony and DFK Chain Network on your Metamask Mobile device for newly created wallets.

Now that you have this Step-by-Step guide, you can enjoy playing DeFi Kingdoms while you are on the go!




DeFi Kingdoms is a Play to Earn MMORPG which is built upon a strong DeFi protocol, and which features rare and unique NFTs with built in utility. This beautifully pixelated game effectively creates a real functioning economy combining DeFi, NFTs, and metaversal elements.

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