Summoning Event!

As announced in last week’s AMA, our first Serendale Gen0 giveaway qualification has begun. Retroactive to midnight eastern of October 18th, we are starting a Summoning Event!

Each summon will be 1 entry in the raffle and the tracking will be 12:00am (midnight) eastern October 18th until 11:59pm eastern November 15th!

This raffle will be for 50 Serendale 2.0 Gen0s!

Each wallet can only win once. As you all know, we look for ways to discourage multi-walleting in order to get around the one win per wallet portion of our raffles. This event is no different. Therefore, we will be implementing the following system:

Each additional summon performed by the same wallet will be worth .02 entries more than the previous summon. We will then use standard rounding to determine the final number of entries (.5 or more rounds up).

Summon 1 = 1 entry = 1 total entry
Summon 2 = 1.02 entries = 2.02 or 2 total entries (rounds down)
Summon 3 = 1.04 entries = 3.06 or 3 total entries (rounds down)
Summon 4 = 1.06 entries = 4.12 or 4 total entries (rounds down)
Summon 5 = 1.08 entries = 5.2 or 5 total entries (rounds down)
Summon 6 = 1.1 entries = 6.3 or 6 total entries (rounds down)
Summon 7 = 1.12 entries = 7.42 or 7 total entries (rounds down)
Summon 8 = 1.14 entries = 8.56 or **9** total entries (rounds up)

*This particular qualifier is for regular summoning in Crystalvale only. Does not include Dark Summoning, we will announce more on that when it is ready.



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