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Welcome, adventurer! Let’s talk about the next feature coming to DeFi Kingdoms….Visages. Visages, also known as vizzies, are a purely cosmetic item (they do not and will not have any game utility). They allow players to change the appearance of their Heroes, while still using the best equipment they can.

Mr. E can be found in the Tavern peddling Visages.


Visages are equipped alongside any other equipment for a given equipment slot (excluding Pets) and override its appearance, while still maintaining the bonuses from the corresponding weapon, armor, offhand, or accessory.

Equip Visages on top of other items to change their outward appearance but still receive their bonus!

Visages function similar to other equipment, with a 24-hour cooldown between un-equipping and re-equipping.

Visages will not be soulbound and will be tradable in the Equipment Hub in the coming weeks. They will, however, be initially un-tradeable until the Marketplace is available, similar to the release of other equipment.

Visage Types

There are currently three types of Visages planned: Premium Visages, Promotional Visages, and Creator Visages.

Premium Visages, such as the Bloater Set seen above, come directly from Kingdom Studios. These vizzies will be available for a limited time, but in an unlimited quantity during that time. Some Premium Visages may be seen again in the future, some may not, but there is no set schedule, as new ones will be introduced instead.

Promotional Visages, such as the Karate Combat Gi seen above, are created in partnership with other projects. Karate Combat is our first example of that. These vizzies will be offered for a limited time, and there may be additional offers tied to them. (See below for more details about the Karate Combat Gi and promotion!) These vizzies may also return later, with or without the additional promotion.

Creator Visages will be created in partnership with other creators. These vizzies will provide those who are creating content around DeFi Kingdoms, such as on YouTube and Twitter, a new way to engage, showing off their unique look within the game itself. These will be done by invitation at first, but stay tuned for potential ways to qualify in the future. They will generally be offered for a limited time and may or may not return, again, not on a set schedule.


Visage Pricing will also be independent for Premium, Promotional, and Creator. Promotional and Creator pricing will vary by the Visage. Premium vizzies will follow the following model:

As you can see, Premium Accessory, Weapon, and Off-Hand Visages will be priced at 5 USD. Premium Armor Visages will be 8 USD. Both of these are available in Buy 2, Get 1 Half Off Bundles. Sometimes, multiple vizzies can be used to make a full Set. In those cases, a discounted pack of those pieces can be purchased, also available in a Buy 2, Get 1 Half Off Bundle. Vizzies are priced in USD and can be purchased with USDC or JEWEL.

Karate Combat Promo

Promotional Visage Promotions will also vary depending on the collaboration with the other project. Using Karate Combat as an example, the Gi Visage will be available for 30 days. When purchasing a Gi, players will be prompted to provide a Hedera wallet address that has been associated with the Karate Combat App.

These addresses will be collected for Karate Combat, and 3,000,000 $KARATE tokens will be distributed evenly to each player who purchases a Karate Combat Gi and inputs their pre-associated Hedera wallet address.

Karate Combat App

In order to get a pre-associated Hedera wallet address, players can download the Karate Combat app from the App Store and simply click “Create a New Wallet.” To find your address, go to the “Wallet” tab at the bottom of the screen, and click “Receive” to display your address. It will start with “0.0.”

Players can also choose to Opt Out of providing that address if they do not wish to receive the $KARATE tokens. The address must be provided at the time of purchase to qualify; there is not a way to retroactively add it.

DeFi Kingdoms Heroes just got crazier. What appearances will you make?

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