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5 min readFeb 28, 2024


A particularly ravenous flock of rocbocs have taken up roost in a large ember tree near the edge of the village of Perch and have been preying on loose livestock. The Druidic High Council are looking for particularly skilled Heroes to head there and deal with the issue.

Void Hunt Basics

All Heroes can answer the call and participate in the Bad Motherclucker Hunt, but Heroes Level 12 and up are best suited for the challenges that await.

Speak with Elmer Longbranch in the Crystalvale Tavern to select your Hero party, choose their skills (these can be edited / reset after selection), and head out to challenge the bocs. Be warned, these are vicious birds and will not hesitate to defend themselves. Only the strongest and best equipped Heroes will stand a chance against these pesky rocbocs!

Currently, Knight, Archer, Priest, and Warrior have abilities up to Tier 5 to choose from. Click the links if you need a refresher on their combat skills, and don’t forget to take a look at our updated Status Effect and Mechanics Keyword Glossary.


Bad Motherclucker will introduce seven brand new equipment items! These items include new weapons and weapon types, armor, and shields! Each piece has unique and randomly assigned stats that will impact your battles.

The equipment found in the Mad Boar hunt will, of course, also offer their bonuses in this fight as well and makes a big difference in the difficulty of the battle. Speaking of equipment and the Mad Boar Hunt, a new weapon has also been added to the possible rewards of Mad Boar as well!

Each successful Hunt will also have a chance to drop Gaia’s Tears, Moksha Runes, and Void Shards. Void Shards are soul-bound to your wallet and will be used in future content.

Launch Promo: Double Drop Rates

To celebrate this launch, the Bad Motherclucker fight will have doubled drop rates for Moksha Runes, Void Shards, and Equipment for the first week! Make sure to get in early to maximize your chances for rewards!

Hunt Sponsored Raffles

Additionally, with this launch, we will be introducing our Hunt Sponsored Raffle system. Our first sponsorship from the Klaytn Foundation, who are generously donating over $10,000 in awarded prizes!

As an add-on to our Daily CRYSTAL Raffle, 2,000 KLAY will be awarded per day for 25 days, split between 3 winners. The first winner will receive 1,250 KLAY, the second will receive 500 KLAY, and the third will receive 250 KLAY! Every victorious Hunt, whether Mad Boars or Bad Motherclucker, will count as an entry in these drawings, and both can be completed to have more chances. That’s nearly $500 in airdrops every day!

Scaling Rewards

Another change coming to the overall Hunts system with this release introduces level-scaling rewards! Based on the level of the fight, Heroes will now receive bonus XP and Moksha Rune drop rate chances for each level above the base of the fight.

Bring Your Own Potions

For a fee, one of Longbranch’s guides will lead you close to the location where the RocBocs are nesting. The fees for both Hunts are being reduced to 10 CRYSTAL and 500 GOLD, as the Hunter’s Guild will no longer be able to provide Potions to our brave Heroes. Instead, when entering a Hunt, players will need to provide their own Potions.

When starting a Hunt, players select their Potion loadout, which utilizes our Battle Inventory system — a total amount of weight (in stone) that can be brought into battle. Both the Inventory and Battle Budget, which is the amount of weight that can be used in battle, will vary by the combat experience. The Thrifty Power-Up will also be available, providing a chance to regain one or two used potions after combat is complete.

Hunt Restrictions

Daily Limits

Heroes’ exposure to the Void must be limited to avoid corruption, therefore each Hunt can only be successfully completed once every 24 hours by a Hero. However, the same Hero can complete both the Mad Boar and Bad Motherclucker Hunts!

Hero Level Scaling

Also, to limit “cheese” teams, moving forward, the base level of each fight is the minimum level a Hero will be assigned to determine the overall level of the combatants. For example, previously a team consisting of a Level 1, Level 10, and Level 19 Hero would result in a fight level of 10. With the new system, the fight level would be 13 (the Level 1 Hero is treated as being Level 10).

Scheduled Downtime

In order to facilitate all of these exciting updates, we will be pausing Hunts for about an hour on Wednesday, February 28th, at 7pm EST. This is the cooldown reset time, meaning that all Hunts can be normally completed for the prior 24 hour period, but the following period will be about 23 hours.

We’re thrilled to bring you this next chapter in our combat offerings!



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