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DeFiSafety evolving to Revenue

1. Overview

DeFiSafety is proudly introducing its first subscription model for advanced, in-depth data analytics. We expect to have this released in the next few weeks. Before we begin, we want to emphasise that everything that is free on the website, stays free. We will continue adding process quality reviews at the same rate.

Nevertheless, additional products such as APIs and reviews on specific chains and contracts will only be available if you have entered into a paid subscription agreement.

The goal of the subscription model is to maintain our financial health, and consequently, our independence.

2. Subscriptions and Growth

DefiSafety already has a full-time staff of over 10 people, working tirelessly to provide the community with objective and transparent data on protocols before they invest. Leveraging a subscription model for new products allows us to continue to pay for our team, and expand the quantity and quality of the data we generate. We intend to position ourselves as the one-stop shop, industry leader for technical data in DeFi. We are extremely content with how we fill this niche. Our future subscribers will have access to even more detailed information, allowing them to navigate the DeFi ecosystem with confidence.

2.1. Why no token

Many people have asked us to release a token — we are in DeFi after all! We considered this carefully and have decided against a token for the following reasons:

· We want to remain independent, and we feel it is difficult to control who owns your token.

· A token may require a DAO and the management process of DAOs are still too primitive for our purposes. We don’t need a DAO as most DeFi protocols do.

· As DeFiSafety generates and sells information we have no limitations on running as a fully legal Web 2 business. A subscription model income allows us to grow with minimal VC ownership which further increases our independence.

3. New Products Coming

So, what new products are coming online with the subscription plan?

3.1. Contract Scores

Contract Scores have been in Beta testing for a few months now. It will transition to a subscription model. However, we will not cut off everyone in one day. The transition will take a month or so, giving time for our team to contact each user and determine the best package while gathering feedback.

Contract Scores refines the PQR score down to the individual contract level. It gives a score to the actual contract address. This can mean a score for every distinct yearn or curve pool. This score considers the contract maturity (how long it has held value safely), the PQR score, security incident history (if any) and a score on the individual audit for that contract. The result is a simple safety score that is updated daily.

3.2. Chain Scores

Chain Scores is a new product that will score Layer 1 and 2 blockchains using a similar system to PQR reviews. We will start with smart contract blockchains. Ethereum mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Matic, and Arbitrum will be the first scores available. We will do the main smart chains first, then adopt the process for asset chains such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

This will release in the next few weeks with the payment rails.

3.3. PQR Scores with Chain Scores

Once we have smart contract chain scores, we can adapt the PQR scores with the Chain scores. This would mean that a multi-chain protocols like PoolTogether would have a different score for PoolTogether on BSC and PoolTogether on Arbitrum. This would allow users to easily factor in the risk for a particular chain. This product will take a month or two to roll out.

4. Pricing

The price matrix we will offer is below.

Pricing Matrix

5. Final Thoughts

Rolling out this subscription model is the biggest update DeFiSafety has ever completed. This next step into DeFiSafety’s future is imperative for our ability to thrive long term. Before we implement our subscription model, we would like to hear the thoughts and input of our community. Please email us at or visit our telegram / discord channel. Thank you for your time!




We rate DeFi products on software quality and use of best practices. In DeFi, you have to trust the software as there is nothing else backing you up.

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