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DTG Mini-Game: What you need to know!

Hello Champs! Many of our NFT holders have been wondering when we will release some sort of utility for their Champs. Originally, we were going to wait until we had a fully developed, live action PvP arena for players to start earning. We ended up deciding that it would take too long to be fair to our community. So we came up with an excellent solution for our community to earn Tokens and Items that can be used when we launch token and PvP. Let me explain a little.

A Quick Summary of the Mini-Game:

Players will be able to stake their Champion NFTs and send them on quests. After a player chooses a Champ to stake they will then be asked if they want to roll a die for a chance to speed up the quest and increase rewards for the staking period. On the other side, if a player rolls low the quest time will increase and rewards will drop. Players will be able to choose not to participate in this dice roll, if they prefer. Rarity will play a role in base rewards as well as how much the dice rolls effect their quest times and rewards. Players can send as many Champions on quests as they want. Players will earn a token specifically designed for this quest series. It can be used to buy items/resources from an in game marketplace that will be in the same place as the Mini-Game. After a player finishes a quest they will have the option to roll another die for a “Double or Nothing” shot at their rewards. 1–4 loses and 5–6 doubles the earned reward.

Why Create a Token Just for the Mini-Game?:

As our partnership with Unite Finance becomes more solidified, we still need a way for our community to “earn” tokens. The tokens received in the DTG Mini-Game will be exchangeable for our native token once we launch with Unite Finance towards the end of May-Middle of June. It will not be a 1–1 exchange. We will allocate a specific amount of native tokens to be exchanged for DTG Mini-Game tokens and players will receive a percent of the allocated native tokens based on how many Mini-Game tokens they exchange. An example (not actual numbers). If we allocate 1,000,000 native tokens to this exchange process and ten payers each exchange 1,000,000 DTG Mini-Game tokens, they will each receive 100,000 native tokens each.

What Will Be in the Shop?:

Shop items will include stat boosting potions, and basic resources that can be used in live game to craft low tier items. We are also considering adding some NFTs to the shop that will allow players Whitelist spot or Free mint tickets for land/champs. But we will need to put this to a vote for the community to decide. The prices in the shop will change daily based on demand. This will be reset every 12 hours. More purchases will increase the price of an item.

How Will Rarity Affect my Rewards?:

Rarity will play several roles in the DTG Mini-Game. Rarity will decide base rewards. All rarities will have an 8 hour questing period if they do not use the dice roll at the beginning to change the length. The base rewards for Champs are as follows, this does not include dice rolls.

Common- 1 Token per quest

Uncommon- 2 Tokens per quest

Rare- 3 Tokens per quest

Legendary- 5 Tokens per quest

Mythic- 10 Tokens per quest

Rarity will also affect how much time is taken or added to your quest from the first dice roll if you chose to do that one. We will release the percents in the Rarity channel of our Discord which is linked below.

When will DTG Mini-Game Launch?:

We plan to launch in about 1 week. Potentially 2 weeks. All of the code for the game, marketplace and token are created and ready we are just waiting for the assets from the artist. We will continue to provide updates in our Discord.

Thanks for reading Champs! Feel free to ask us anything on Discord or Twitter and I hope everyone has an excellent week!!! WAGMI



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