DeFi 11 and TDeFi Collaborates For Expansion in the NFT Space

Ravi Kumar
May 13 · 2 min read

DeFi 11 has been very pleased after the collaboration with TDeFi as the partnership will bolster innovations, exposure and networking in the DeFi and blockchain space. It will be a watershed moment for DeFi 11 since TDeFi has a very strong community consisting of a token advisory team, mentors and investors who could be useful for providing valuable insights to help the DeFi 11 project reach to the next level.

DeFi 11 has a strong conviction that after the partnership with TDeFi, the process of making NFTs inclusive across sectors, sports fantasy games a preferred option for earning will speed up further. On top of this, TDeFi hands on experience in the NFT market will help in building strong startups in the space. The team at DeFi 11 has been committed to make their solutions and products robust and future-proof, that’s where the contribution of TDeFi powered by a strong board of advisory and ideation members will matter.

About DeFi 11

DeFi 11 is a decentralized gaming platform that has improvised fantasy sports, betting, NFT gamification, liquidity pool, prediction contracts, staking and swapping much more decentralized and auditable. With the help of DeFi 11, the existing problem in the centralized gaming market where there is rampant abuse of data, centralized intervention, abuse of authority and lack of regulation will cease to exist.

About TDeFi

TDeFi is a platform that has helped multiple startups in NFTs and DeFi space grow since it provides access to world class mentors, industry connections, community managers, exchanges, liquidity protocols, and other active participants in the DeFi and blockchain space. The platform has already helped more than 15 startups through its accelerator program to launch their vision.

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