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DefiDollar launches a $30k Bug Bounty Program on Immunefi

Towards a more secure tomorrow!

To strengthen the DefiDollar ecosystem we are partnering with Immunefi to launch a bounty program for up to $30,000.

Check out the bounties here:

Since DefiDollar’s launch we have had an imperative focus on the security of the protocol and have had multiple auditors evaluate at the code. Please refer to the audit reports here:

It is now time to involve the larger developer and researcher community to take a look at the protocol while rewarding them for their efforts. Rewards by threat level are as specified below:

Addressing Vulnerabilities

We are interested in identifying vulnerabilities that can put the user funds at risk in a way that renders them inaccessible and can be of the following nature :

  • Re-entrancy
  • Logic errors
  • Solidity/EVM details not considered
  • Trusting trust/dependency vulnerabilities
  • Oracle failure/manipulation
  • Economic/financial attacks
  • Congestion and scalability

Read more about the rules here.

Focus on Security

Focus on security needs a multi faceted approach including but not limited to audits. Internal tests, TVL caps, launch audits and a bounty program all come together to build a strong protocol.

In 2020 hacks cost the community millions of dollars - In 2021 it should be a collective mission for the community to ensure that the users are protected and the risks to use DeFi protocols do not eclipse their utility.We are partnering with Immunefi as they have a mission focused team driven to strive for the same goals as us.

Immunefi’s mission is to serve as important DeFi infrastructure by removing security risk and bringing high-quality decentralized financial products to the public.

We encourage the DeFi community developers and researchers to evaluate the code for vulnerabilities, to plug them and get rewarded.

Here’s to a safer tomorrow for DeFi.

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