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Introducing .defi TLD

We are excited to announce that we launched the .defi top level domain (TLD). The .defi TLD is fully decentralized and operates on the handshake blockchain. Any developer in the community building a decentralized finance (DeFi) project and looking to create a website on a decentralized network can now register their .defi TLD domain name.

Keep in mind that .defi domains are not only aimed for DeFi project developers, but for the community at large that is building and shaping the Web 3.0 ecosystem. So if you are wondering about other use cases for creating a website on a .defi TLD, here are some fun generic examples:

· Start a podcast or run your current podcast about decentralized finance: podcast.defi

· Blog about the DeFi ecosystem: blog.defi

· Build a DeFi Wiki or learning experience: wiki.defi, learn.defi, build.defi, fundamentals.defi

· Review dapps: dapps.defi

· Create a DeFi social network: community.defi, social.defi, grow.defi, global.defi, universal.defi

· Pioneer website development on handshake: websites.defi or develop.defi

· For the love of memes — aggregate them: memes.defi

· Teach smart contract development: smartcontracts.defi or code.defi

· Analyzing DeFi projects: analyze.defi or sentiment.defi

To learn more about how to register your .defi domain you can visit our site and when you are ready you can choose a registrar partner to begin registering your domain. If you have any questions or have purchased a .defi domain and are looking for support, please join our telegram community @DefiDomainsCommunity.




Build Decentralized Finance on a .defi Domain

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DeFi Domains

DeFi Domains

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