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Defime: Bringing Together Finance and Crowdfunding to Help Businesses in the COVID-19 Crisis

As we have just newly launched, we would like to re-introduce ourselves to a wider audience and talk more about Defime or the Decentralizing Financial Medium, a flagship centralized platform that provides opportunities to investors and consumers alike to invest in both early-stage startups and established companies for a slew of benefits such as special deals and discounts to products and services.

The platform works collectively to provide a win-win situation for buyers, sellers and investors when they use the new XACO coins for pledging, purchasing, exchange or investment on the platform. aims to bring about an emerging revolution in the financing space via three key parts:

1. Financing Insurance against any and all types of fraud, backed by collateral in the form of crypto.

2. A newly minted, rapidly increasing, demand-based XACO coin used for utility in pledging and purchasing products, services or for getting discounts on the platform from a plethora of SMEs and big corporations.

3. Opens up a new marketplace full of possibilities even in light of the economic crisis brought about by COVID-19, seeking to help bring the airlines, retail, manufacturing and technology industries closer to those in need of their products and services, thereby enhancing their operation and financial needs with the support from the DeFi market.

If you’re interested in listing a Kickstarter campaign, DeFi project or product on the Defime platform for additional funding, or if you’d like assistance in purchasing our XACO token, please feel free to email us at

Please stay tuned for more daily updates like this one!

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