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Defime Launches Next Campaign of the Day: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Defime, the newly launched Decentralizing Financial Medium which is a flagship centralized platform that provides opportunities for special deals and discounts to products and services, has once again launched its next campaign for the day which is, in case anyone has been waiting on a discount day to purchase one, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6!

Offering a twin advantage system of a PC and Tablet altogether in one, Samsung has yet again brought a great product in bringing to us the Galaxy Tab S6. With its high quality performance capable of multitasking as a tablet and a PC together, it’s one of the best tech products you can buy for a fairly good price. It is also equipped with super-fast processors, allowing you to run tasks you haven’t been able to before with other older tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6’s S Pen greatly simplifies signing of contracts, paper markups, and other things you may need to do on this tablet. To top it off, 15 hours of battery life gives a better working experience during travelling.

As such, we would like to present a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 that is 10.5 inches (0.3 inches bigger than our previous deal of the day which was the Apple iPad 10.2 inches) with 128GB of storage and full WiFi capabilities. It has been inspected and verified to promise operational efficiency. We will also offer a guarantee to accept returns within 80 days if you are not satisfied. Those who are looking for a budgeted solution to purchase their most wanted tech products always get the best price of the best variants on Defime.

Buy it now with XACO tokens here:

The Defime platform is the best place to get the best deals online at greatly reduced prices due to the XACO token, a cryptocurrency with high potential and fluctuating rates, being used as the main currency for product purchasing.

If you’re interested in listing a Kickstarter campaign, DeFi project or product on the Defime platform for additional funding, or if you’d like assistance in purchasing our XACO token, please feel free to email us at

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