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DFIN (DEFINANCE)— Token Economics

DFIN Highlights

  1. No Discounted Sale & No ICO

DFIN economics model designed around achieving relevant product-market fit, community participation, and decentralization through community ownership.

What is Definance (DFIN)

Definance is an on-chain, automated fiat conversion with crypto assets platform. It works primarily by aggregating liquidity providers and users that will like to purchase crypto assets through local payment methods. The product experience is to provide a tool, for one-click instant purchase/selling of crypto assets for users, similar to a PayPal experience without the need to register a centralized exchange account. There is no discounted sale or ICO for DFIN, and the starting value of DFIN is based on the foundation of community involvement. Definance mission is to fill the void between centralized and decentralized finance, for traders and new users.

Inspired by the story of Bitcoin

DFIN goal is to promote early supporters that will become an involved community with Definance, this is done through the governance token model and unique way of obtaining DFIN through community participation and staking behavior. With a fixed supply of 100 Million, there will be no inflationary effect for Definance. We believe this is the heart to entice early supporters along with the growth of the platform.

DFIN Token Overview & Use-cases

As a platform, that encourages trade in a similar fashion to Uniswap and Binance, DFIN will have the following use cases:

🔥 Burning through Trading Fee Discount: Traders can also use DFIN to offset their trading/transfer costs in Definance. For DFIN that’s used for a trading fee discount, will be burned for good, from total supply.

🔥 Quarterly Burning: Every quarter, the system will convert the accumulated trading revenue to buyback DFIN from the secondary market. Generating a greater burn to the current supply of DFIN, for good.

📖 Governance: DFIN allows holders to participate in governance decisions, or through delegated leadership. Governance decisions will be centered around the key features of Definance, assets, and other new services.

📖 Liquidity Mining: To encourage liquidity injection into the system, participants can be rewarded with DFIN.

🔥 Fixed Supply: For a new project, early community members will be critical to the development of the project, having a fixed supply at the start, DFIN goal is to encourage early supporters and eventually growing the ecosystem together, appreciating the value of DFIN.

To foster an ecosystem to promote active community participation, the design is to foster a game theory mechanism to incentivize liquidity providers, teams, and KOLs around the world, to join together in this decentralised governance mission.

How will DFIN be distributed over time

All DFIN tokens are currently locked in the DFIN Vault and unlocked on a monthly basis, over 10-year development, and governance milestone. According to token will be distributed across the three token allocation functions, each month to ensure continuity of the DFIN ecosystem.

The distribution of DFIN will follow three key stages, that’s aligned with the product roadmap and community development

  1. Genesis — The initial stage of DFIN will involve the circulation of up to 5% of total DFIN, this will be placed in leading centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. As a starting point for community members, to get DFIN in hand, to further participate in the Definance ecosystem.

Token allocation

Learn more about our mission:

About Definance Mission:

Since we started Definance, we’ve focused on reimagining the future of finance.

We imagine a more inclusive global financial ecosystem, where everyone has the opportunity to build their wealth. We are building Definance around the idea of scalable, innovative, and inclusive participation in open-source finance as the source of power. The vision is to create a future-focused ecosystem that balances user experience with wealth building. Our approach will focus on scalable and innovative solutions to provide greater access to decentralized financial products, for people to enjoy an open financial ecosystem. Rather than reinventing the wheel or copying other models, we believe in a more collaborative, innovative, and scalable approach to building the rocket for the future of decentralized finance. Contact to get in touch with team.

Information Website

Definance focused on building an open-finance ecosystem that provides greater access to scalable financial services. To stay in contact with our team, you can reach out to us at the following channel:

  1. Telegram

Join us to reshape the future of finance!

Are you looking to be a part of the crypto-finance revolution that is changing the future of finance? To serve a greater mission to accelerate crypto finance adoption and on-board business use case as a service platform. We are looking for interested candidates in the field of smart contract development, that’s well versed with solidity language development and security audit.

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