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3Expanding Definance Value — Roadmap Business Development

To fill the void between decentralized and centralized finance, Definance is currently working on a beta product version, to integrate local payment channels into crypto-asset transactions on-chain. Currently, the protocol has integrated with key liquidity partners that on average process more than $5 million of assets traded per day on the centralized markets. Hence, the current beta process is being tested with these liquidity partners, to provide an instant trade settlement experience. On-chain automated fiat conversion with crypto assets, without relying on counterparty or middlemen:

Our roadmap development follows three key stages.

  1. Partnership and Integration in key markets: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam as the launchpad for local payment channels, in a secure and compliant manner. The team’s goal is to integrate across the South East Asia popular payment methods, in order to provide a compliant and instant purchase of crypto assets by 2022.
  2. Liquidity aggregator with current approved payment channels and partnerships. To foster competitive rates and minimal price slippage, Definance will be working with existing liquidity partners, to provide the competitive maker orders compared to other exchanges.

Following is the roadmap plan, to achieve the goals we intended.

2020 Q3: Genesis + Beta Development

2020 Q4: V1.0 Testing + Local payment channel integrated

2021 Q1: Adding of new crypto assets, within local regulatory requirements

2021 Q2: Introduction of Governance Interface System + User transaction limit adjustment

2021 Q3 ~ Q4: Expansion of Business Payment Interface, for online and offline retailers.

Distributing DFIN

The distribution of DFIN will become a core incentive mechanic of the DFIN protocol. All protocol participants will automatically or indirectly interact with DFIN, to improve the value of the protocol over time. For more token economics issues, refer to

How Definance works

  • One-stop purchase experience, with the stated market price, slippage rate, processing time, and volume allowance will be displayed to the user.
  • Users select the desired local payment methods and the amount of trade for completion.
  • Distribution of trades will be fulfilled instantly through Definance Matching and Pool functions, with the counterparty trades fulfilled by liquidity partners.
  • For liquidity partners, their balance will be placed in the Definance Vault, which consists of a timelock escrow function. If no trades happen beyond a block time, the vault will automatically unlock and return the fund to the user. For fiat access, a wrapped representation of the balance will be first minted in the system, and used for programming logic as explained here:
  • The use case of DFIN through this asset flow, can be better explained here.

What’s next

Aside from our genesis event, and beta development. We will be integrating with strategic partners in the areas of liquidity, price feed, and strategic partnership. To create a milestone in our history, that the community can look forward to. To begin the tasks, we are looking for partners that are interested in the above areas to contact for more information.

Definance — Bringing more users and more applications into decentralised finance. Currently in building mode.

DFIN Website| Telegram | Twitter | Github | Beta (coming)

Official Contract Address:


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