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DeFine 2022 Yearly Review

DeFine wishes everyone a happy and prosperous new year in 2023. In the beginning of the new year, let us take some time to look back at the great memories of all we have accomplished. 2022 was a rollercoaster ride for the whole crypto industry, however, it did not prevent DeFine from creating an improve product, forming meaningful partnerships and growing a stronger community.

Community first is a common saying in crypto but at DeFine, we truly believe it. That is why we want to thank our community for all the support throughout the year and we will continue to make the DeFine better. It has been fascinating to see the world embrace our vision for a fair, NFT-based social network, where communities have the power to explore NFT exhibitions, INO, DeFine badge system digital credit systems and NFT-based metaverse profile. We’ll break the recap down into a few categories, including product, ecosystem, event and community.

The first achievement in 2022 for DeFine was the launch and improvement of on-chain governance. One of the key focus for DeFine is decentralisation through on chain governance and DAO treasury. On-chain governance will enable an inclusive and democratised consensus that allows community members to vote on proposals and upgrades that are executed automatically on-chain. The governance will also be used to allocate the treasury fund that was newly set up.

Through the on-chain governance, 39 proposals have been submitted, out of which 5 passed.

Below are the passed and executed proposals.

  1. [DAO] Purchase traditional artworks with Treasury
  2. [DAO] Purchase Banksy’s artwork with Treasury
  3. Buy BAYC at BendDAO Auction with Treasury
  4. Replace “You might like” sidebar to “Trending Badges”
  5. Let’s add more DFA tokens to the Uniswap pool
  6. Update User Interface of website

One of the most notable developments in the DeFine product is the V3 upgrade that turned DeFine into a more social platform.

To bring a better product experience in the V3 upgrade, DeFine supported NFTs of multiple chains, ERC721 badges, special NFT profile / avatar display and added new functions such as notification, quick reply, badge transfer, mystery box badge, trending topic, DFA airdrop claiming and many more. DeFine has also launched an automatic badge deployment process so that anyone can create a badge event in a less centralized way.

DeFine believes that multichain is the future. With our presence and strong community base in the Korean market, we have successfully integrated with the 5th blockchain, klaytn.

As of December 31, 2022, DeFine has witnessed the great growth of various data on the network.

● Total lifetime unique visitors have grown to 135,375

● Total active users on Define have grown to 43,849

● Total protocol users have grown to 65,138

To celebrate DeFine’s first anniversary in March, we held a one year anniversary badge event with 14 industry partners. The event was a hit which added 18,853 number of badge holders. Regular badge events were held on a monthly basis, including Korean Blochchain Week badge event, the DeFine Halloween Carnival and the DeFine Football Cup Campaign, etc. In total DeFine issued 27,411 badges in 2022, working with over a hundred industry partners, etc.

DeFine has hosted 8 AMAs with NFT 커뮤니티, NestedFi, NAGAX, CyberConnect, TwitterScan, SYP Protocol, Perp Protocol, ROBBi NFTs, attracting thousands of newcomers to join the community. In the coming year, we will continue making efforts on Twitter Space to have regular talks directly with the community.

In addition to online events, the core contributors of DeFine also participated in a few offline events such as NFT NYC, Korea Blockchain Week and Token 2049 Singapore. There the core contributors represented DeFine and hosted side events to make meaningful connections with other projects and teams.

By moving towards true decentralization and on-chain governance for decision making, we are putting community first.

At DeFine, we believe that education is important in the space because it is such a brand new industry that is evolving fast. Something new on DeFine’s twitter is DeFineLearn where we share educational NFT related content on a weekly basisThe numbers on socials have increased as below:

  • Telegram Followers: 11,035
  • Twitter followers: 61,960
  • Instagram followers: 5,539
  • Discord followers: 11,847

On behalf of everyone at DeFine, we thank you for your continued support, engagement, ideas, and commitment to our joint Web3 mission. Stay tuned for another monumental year coming up. Let’s keep marching forward together!

About DeFine

DeFine is the NFT-based social network for web 3.0. DeFine provides an interactive communication tool for creators and web 3.0 users through its marketplace and social functions that support exhibitions, INO, digital credit systems and metaverse profile.

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DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers

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DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes.