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DeFine Art Tutorial: Participate in NFT Auction

DeFine Art has successfully launched as the premier Decentralized NFT Platform in Asia. Users can now visit the DeFine Art platform at and access the platform via their Metamask wallets.

The first Auction is going to happen at 5am, March 17 (UTC) and last for 24 hours. The first artwork for auction is created by Mari Kim, a famous South Korean contemporary artist and animator from Seoul. She is known for the big-eyed, cartoon-like female characters in her pop art paintings, called “eyedolls”.

Users can now check the following tutorial to learn how to participate in the NFT auctions.

Step 1 Open the official website:

Step 2 Go to the Auction House and find an ongoing auction to participate in.

Step 3 Participants can use ETH to place bids. Enter a bid (must be higher than the latest highest bid) and confirm the transaction in Metamask wallet.

Step 4 Once auctions are completed, winners will need to claim the NFT into their wallets. You can check your participated auctions in the Pools Participated tab.

If your highest bid is outbid by another user, your principal funds will be automatically sent back to your wallet.

For support and help please contact us:



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