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DeFine August Recap

August was an eventful month for DeFine, both online and offline. We mentioned in the July recap that we hope to keep up the momentum for Korea Blockchain Week 2022 (KBW) and sure we did! On top of KBW, DeFine governance portal experienced extraordinary growth and received multiple significant proposals that were passed with an overwhelming majority. With the help of KBW and our community members’ dedication in improving the platform, we grew our community and improved our product in August. Below is the detailed August recap:

State of Network

● Total lifetime unique visitors: 122,091

● Total active users on DeFine: 70,455

● Monthly most activity page visiting in August: 30,034

● Total protocol users: 86,382

● Monthly new protocol users in August: 5,649

Korea Blockchain Week

Crypto Odyssey

The core contributors of DeFine in Korea hosted a KBW pre-gathering event “Crypto Odyssey” on August 5th along with a few great sponsors including, DeSpread, Rai Finance, Boba Network, Impossible network and GBV Capital. The event had a crazy turnout of over 250 people and created an opportunity for DeFine’s community members to meet each other.

DeFine x KBW 2022 Carnival

While the offline gathering was a great success, we didn’t want to exclude those who were unable to fly out to Korea for the conference. During KBW, we launched the DeFine X KBW 2022 Carnival with partners, where users complete tasks to receive KBW2022 badges. For this campaign, we create 16 unique partner badge designs for each one of the partners and one KBW2022-DeFine Badge for the community to collect. The campaign attracted 14,169 users to claim a badge and 12,614 visitors to our website.

Community & Governance


  • Telegram Followers : 11,928
  • Twitter followers:45,114
  • Discord members: 4,906
  • Instagram followers: 5,674

Governance Highlight

The DAO members have posted 3 proposals, 1 passed, 1executed and 1 failed.

  • Passed: Buy BAYC at BendDAO Auction with Treasury
  • Executed: Reduce minimum staking amount to make governance proposal
  • Failed: [Feature Request] Enable setting profile picture with my NFT

Product Development

  • Launched the DeFine KBW2022 Carnival page and added DFA airdrop claiming page to support the event
  • Integrated Bitkeep wallet
  • Reduced minimum staking amount to make a governance proposal
  • Added trending topics on WOW page
  • Optimized NFT marketplace interface to show only 5 to 10 NFTs per page


DeFineDAO Contributors

About DeFine

DeFine is the NFT-based social network for web 3.0. DeFine provides an interactive communication tool for creators and web 3.0 users through its marketplace and social functions that support exhibitions, INO, digital credit systems and metaverse profile.

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