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DeFine Cooperates with Immunefi to Launch Bug Bounty Program

Security is the name of the game in every cryptocurrency interaction. To ensure that the platform is safe and free of bugs for all users involved in our ecosystem is one of our commitments. The Bug Bounty Program is an agreement provided by many websites, organizations and software developers. Through this program, bounty hunters who report bugs, especially security-related bugs and vulnerabilities, can be recognized and rewarded.

Today DeFine contributors are excited to announce DeFine cooperates with the leading DeFi bug bounty platform Immunefi to launch the Bug Bounty Program. The bounty program is designed to focused on preventing:

Detailed information:


Start time: 12:00 PM SGT November 23rd

Rewards: Max 40,000 USD/ Bug

Improve the security and engage our community

Through close cooperation with Immunefi and its wider open source security community, DeFine will attract professional developers and bounty hunters to continuously conduct in-depth testing on the whole platform, so as to timely identify and repair any bugs, threats and vulnerabilities found on DeFine, especially those related to the security of user assets. DeFine’s smart contracts have been audited by industry-leading Smart Contact Auditor SlowMist. DeFine contributors believe that this Bug Bounty Program can further improve safety of the platform, protect the platform users and expand DeFine’s global community, especially the developer community with code ethics and professionalism.

About Immunefi

Immunefi is the go-to platform for DeFi projects looking to protect their code while also rewarding ethical hackers. To date, Immunefi has secured over $25 billion in customer funds while also rewarding bug bounty hunters with millions of cash, including the largest bug bounty in history ($2 million). For DeFi’s most important projects, Immunefi’s community of proven white hat hackers is essential to the security stack. Immunefi also has war room and crisis management skills as well as an industry-leading secure disclosure platform.

Official website:



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