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DeFine Platform July Recap

The past two months were exciting for DeFine’s community and contributors. DeFine has experienced unprecedented growth with the help of multiple notable partnerships and product optimization. For the first time, DeFine Platform’s unique visitors has exceeded 100,000 through the continuous development and partnership efforts. DeFine is gaining traction in the crypto space and plans to bring it to Korea Blockchain Week!

Addressed below is the monthly progress reports for June and July with recaps of major events and accomplishments.

State of Network

● Total lifetime unique visitors: 100,776

● Total active users on DeFine: 57,365

● Monthly most activity page visiting in June: 9,350

● Monthly most activity page visiting in July: 13,416

● Total protocol users: 80,725

● Monthly new protocol users in June: 11,255

● Monthly new protocol users in July: 2,535

Ecosystem & Partnership

  • DeFine and MarineBlues social media WL giveaway event attracted hundreds of participants.
  • DeFine collaborated with KuCoin to launch a campaign to ‘Show your favorite NFT’ on DeFine WoW page.
  • ENS domain campaign is held on DeFine Twitter and Website, leaving a comment with domain would get access to exclusive user rights. Over 2,000 participants have participated in DeFine’s ENS Twitter campaigns.
  • DeFine core contributors plan to produce the T-shirts for #KBW2022 and calls all the community members for showing their favorite NFTs.

Community & Governance

-Telegram Followers : 12,651

-Twitter followers: 31,115

-Discord members: 4,975

-Instagram followers: 5,774

You are encouraged to actively participate via

Product Development

Optimized V 3.0

  • Newly Added Badge Mystery box
  • Supported the minting of Badge Mystery box
  • Supported ERC721 badge
  • Supported display the Profile picture with the NFT held


DeFineDAO Contributors

About DeFine

DeFine is the NFT-based social network for web 3.0. DeFine provides an interactive communication tool for creators and web 3.0 users through its marketplace and social functions that support exhibitions, INO, digital credit systems and metaverse profile.

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DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes.