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DeFine Platform November Recap

November has been a big month for DeFine Platform. It marks the moment in DeFine history where it takes the next step towards full decentralization.

We removed the upgradability function in the token contract, further placing the platform in the hands of the community. From now on, any protocol changes must be passed through governance proposals by DFA token holders.

We believe the future is DAO and launched decentralized governance. The first community proposal on DeFineDAO was approved with nearly 2.8 million votes. We listen to our community and plan to create a DFA pool on Uniswap at the beginning of December. We are excited to see two more ongoing proposals and encourage our community to actively participate in the DeFine governance by voting and creating new proposals:

Polygon made a strategic investment into DeFine. In early October, DeFine successfully integrated with Polygon and will join forces with Polygon Studios to bring its social profile system to the Polygon ecosystem.

In the below monthly progress report, we will give a recap of the most important updates from DeFine in November.

State of Network

Total lifetime unique visitors: 62,594

Total active users on Define: 25,991

Monthly most activity page visiting: 16,338

Total protocol users: 17,611

Monthly new protocol users: 633

Ecosystem & Partnership

Community & Governance

Discord: 1,807 followers

Twitter: 18,000 followers

Telegram: 9,667 followers

DeFine officially launched Decentralized Governance — The first proposal “Create a Uniswap pool for $DFA ‘’ was approved on the DeFine DAO with 2,779,948 votes.

Product Development

Release V2.2.0 — towards Decentralization

  • New batches of badge
  • Deployed on Polygon Network
  • Launched the first module of DAO — Voting
  • Supported external NFT contracts
  • Minor adjustments

Immunefi bug bounty program


DeFineDAO Contributors




DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers

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DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes.

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