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DeFine X Jihee Kim Exclusive Art NFT Auction

DeFine is launching an exclusive auction in collaboration with Jihee Kim, a Korean artist who is well known for her portrait series ‘Sealed smile’.

The themes of Kim’s work are ‘desire’ and ‘existence’. She tries to deliver messages by artificial expression shown in the front face drawn on Korea’s traditional paper ‘Jangji’. At the base of the drawing is a girl with braces and the theme is expressed colorfully on her glasses’ reflection. Reflection of the glasses full of shiny jewels and the face of the girl occupying fully of the canvas represents the desire towards bright and fancy life.

3 auction lots consist of 1 NFT each. Each NFT includes one of the exclusively digitized ‘Sealed Smile’ artwork by Jihee Kim.

This auction will be one of the rarest chances to purchase and own Kim’s ‘Sealed smile’ on a distributed and immutable network of blockchain. This will be an excellent opportunity for traditional collectors and art lovers to acquire and truly own digital artwork.

Event link:
*Auction page and link will be updated before starting sale.

The auction will begin on August 2nd and will last for 48 hours. As a continuation to our previous auction with Sandbox Gaming, there will be a special promotion event by DeFine.

Auction Details

Date: 2021, Aug. 2nd, 15:00 KST ~ Aug. 4th, 15:00 KST (UTC+9)

Auction Type: Public English auction

Auction Slots: 3

Token Type: ERC-721 standard

Token ID: TBD

Contract Address: 0x70A76282752b5D2F09f81fe86D49d80ED8B53DC7

Bidding Currency: ETH

To promote the platform and reward our user community, we are rewarding everyone who participated BOTH the auction and special event with DFA tokens.

  1. Follow Jihee Kim on DeFine Social Platform (
  2. Make at least 1 valid bid with ETH on one of the ‘Sealed smile’ auction lots on DeFine

About Jihee Kim

Kim has participated in more than 200 major global exhibitions in Seoul, New York, LA, Hong Kong, Washington, Cologne, Miami, London, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, Dubai and more. Her works are owned by international collectors. She had collaborated with D Park shopping center in Hong Kong and reached out to a wide range of audience by collaborating with Li Mi, a Chinese cosmetics brand, Stonehenge, Andre Kim, E-Land, Crocs, LG, Misha, Girls’ Generation and more.

Solo Exhibition

2021 Keep shining, GalleryNow, Seoul

2020 Rhapsody of Radiant Extinction [Pyo Gallery]

2020 Jihee Kim Drawings — Paper Doll [Kunst1]

2019 Twinkle twinkle [Choi’s Art Company]

2019 Eulji-ro Project Exhibition — Golden Age, Eulji-ro [Space Bar of Sae-un artist’s lab]

2016 Floating Wonderland [Pyo Gallery Seoul Branch]

2014 Lucky strike [Mercedes Benz Samsung Auto Gallery / VIP event]

2013 Virtual Camouflage [Creative Gallery]

2011 Collection of Desire [Creative Gallery]

2013 Special Invitation Exhibition of Chungjark Gallery- Kim JIHee Invitation Exhibition “Virtual Camouflage”

2012 SOAF Special Exhibition “MISSHA WITH KIM JUHEE”[COEX]

2011 Commemorative Exhibition for Chungjark Award- Kim JIHee Invitation Exhibition “Collection of Desire” [Chungjark Gallery]

2010 Special Invitation Exhibition of Gallery The K — Kim JIHee Invitation Exhibition “MASCHERATA” [Gallery The K]

2009 Special Invitation Exhibition of Gallery Blume in Heili — Kim JIHee Invitation Exhibition “Beyond Truth” [Gallery Blume]

2008 Special Exhibition of Gallery Young Kim JI Hee Invitation Exhibition “Sealed Smile” [Gallery Young]

And more.

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DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers

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DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes.