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Introduction to DeFine Social Profile System

The core of DeFine is SOCIAL.DeFine platform aims to build a NFT-based social network by launching a unique Social Profile System for the blockchain world.

Ever since DeFine moved our primary focus from offering users a fair marketplace to developing a social platform based on NFT, DeFine contributors have been working hard on expanding utilities which NFT(Non-Fungible Token) can offer aside of the undisputable and true ownership that is now a cliche in the industry.

NFT PLUS is one of many solutions DeFine has in its sleeves which seeks to take the capabilities of NFT steps further by attaching a variety of types of assets. DeFine recently introduced a unique feature of redeemability on our first-ever NFT PLUS which the underlying theme is ‘4 seasons’ representing the redeeming period for each seasonal NFT token for 1,000 DFA tokens in the future.

This experimental feature not only shows the fact that more can be done with the NFT standard, but also allows NFT to have a truly measurable value based on the asset which is to be redeemed when the ‘maturity’ is reached. This ultimately acts as the basis of market liquidity which is very much desired property in this already confusing and illiquid market.

In this posting, DeFine contributors are thrilled to introduce DeFine Social Profile System. This is our team’s statement that NFT is NOT just about tokenizing assets and undeniable market opportunity, but also that special properties of the NFT standard can have further application as a ‘Social identifier’ within a highly decentralized and pseudonymous network of blockchain.

Badge System

Badge system is the first stepping stone to the DeFine Social Profile System in which eligible users will receive unique NFTs depending on their on-chain activity and behavior. The rarity of the NFT Badge correlates directly with their “rank” among the community.

For example, a top 5% Uniswap liquidity provider would receive an NFT that only 5% of all Uniswap liquidity providers have. The honor badges are important for signaling especially in pseudonymous communities like the NFT and DeFi world where power users can drive significant value and attention toward projects, trends and assets.

And these Badges are essential in capturing signal value and displaying them clearly among communities. This is a start to a reputation system that can be established among communities where good behavior is incentivized and bad behavior punished.

Based on the explanations above, the Badge system can be seen as an NFT based identification feature which is an aggregation of the honor badge NFTs earned through the user’s onchain activity history.

The feature allows the user with label access to social activity, private messaging groups, and shows recommended content/friends based on the user’s historical activity.

Future Social Features

Once the DeFine NFT-based social profile system is established, there will be many different social features that can be derived from. These features can have both financial and social utility that further enhances the activity in the NFT community.

Possible additional features DeFine is currently focusing on are ‘Credit System’ and interoperable ‘Metaverse Profile’.

  • Digital Credit System: The NFT-based social profile will pave ways for NFT-based defi features such as credit lending in the future. For example, users can collateralize their honor badges like a “credit” to get loans. If the user doesn’t payback on time, his honor badge will be burned and given a dishonor label instead.
  • Metaverse Profile: The NFT-based social profile will be utilized in different metaverses where the user activity is reflected in their profile. For example, users can gain honor by unlocking special achievements in the affiliated metaverse.

About DeFine

DeFine is the NFT social platform for all creators including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes. The platform facilitates all social interaction, engagement and communication for creators and their fanbase with digital assets like NFTs and social/fan tokens.

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