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Join DeFine in the Twin-City NYC + Shanghai Treasure Hunt from November 2nd — 8th!

We are very excited to announce that DeFine is partnering with Imtoken and Polygon to host an NFT campaign. Starting with the Shanghai Metaverse Week, we are now coming to NYC.NFT from 11.2–11.8!

DeFine will join several events during NFT.NYC:

Join us offline for the NYC+Shanghai treasure hunt, November 2 — November 8.

Come meet our team at METALCORE Official Launch Party event

Here we will walk you step-by-step through the exciting journey of the Twin-City Treasure Hunt:

Event Details:

Hunt Time:

-NewYork: Nov 2nd 10am EST to Nov 5th 10am EST

-Shanghai: Nov 5th 18pm (UTC+8) to Nov 8th 18pm (UTC+8)

Area: NYC Manhattan/Shanghai M50 area (indicated in OVR app)

Organizer: M7e DAO

Main Host: imToken & Polygon Studios

Host Support: DeFine & Tezos & Harmony & UTU.One

Technical Support: OVR

How to play:

  1. Download OVR:

-OVR App:

-OVR Wechat version :

2. Check and collect treasures around the NYC NFT area and Shanghai M50 venue (see specified hunt area in the OVR app)

3. The participants who collect the most treasures win. You can check (starting from Nov 1st) to see the winners on time!

4. Two cities have same time period to collect treasures and the treasures are randomly distributed. We will select final winners and collect wallet address from both cities on November 8th, then send rewards to winners on November 9th.

Reward rules:

Participant Rewards:

Pass to the Polygon Studios, Private Breakfast and Define venue in New York and M50 in Shanghai.

100 x DeFine normal badge NFTs are free for any participants to claim on a first come first serve basis!

Click here to claim the badges NFTs.

The top 50 winners:

  1. imToken Blue NFT limited Edition 1
  2. imToken HQ free tour in Decentraland

The final top 10 winners:

1. imKey hardwallet

2. Share $1100 USD reward pool ($500 worth ETH/$500 worth $DFA/$100 worth XTZ)

3. DeFine Special badge NFT


Claiming rewards:

  1. To view real-time participant information, please see the event page
  2. Contact us at M7eDAO Discord to share your OVR ID/Name and provide your wallet address, we will reward you on November 9th 2021.


Each project is responsible for their token/NFT prizes, and imToken and M7eDAO are not responsible for the distribution of prizes.

Partners sign-up:

Partner onboard form, let us know if you wish to join as treasure hunt partner:

Our partners event during NYC.NFT:

Polygon Studios:

Polygon Studios:

Subscribe to event Social Media:

M7eDAO Discord:


Twitter: @DeFinePlatform



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