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Korea’s First NFT Auction, launched on DeFine Art, recorded 288 ETH

DeFine Art, a decentralized NFT platform and ecosystem in Asia, announced that artist Mari Kim’s artwork ‘Missing and Found’ was sold at 288 ETH at the first auction conducted by the DeFine Art platform.

Mari Kim’s artwork’s auction lasted for about 24 hours from 2 p.m. yesterday to 2 p.m. today, and the auction first started at 25 ETH and finally ended at 288 ETH. The auction was held in cooperation with the DeFine Art and the PICA project and was also the first digital art auction in Korea.

Mari Kim is a South Korean contemporary artist and animator from Seoul, South Korea. She is known for the big-eyed, cartoon-like female characters in her pop art paintings, called “eyedolls”.

DeFine Art is the premier decentralized NFT Platform that supports Asia’s broader NFT ecosystem. The platform facilitates the fusion of real-world assets and blockchain technology in many aspects, with digital art, music & videos, gaming, collectibles, and decentralized financial assets being tokenized into digital assets. It is the gateway for Top artists, musicians, influencers, and creative talent across Asia to enter into the NFT world.

Additionally, it functions as a decentralized NFT marketplace with features including auctions, Initial NFT Offerings (INO), on-chain exhibition, and DeFi modules that enable NFT assets’ tokenization into more liquid financial assets.

Artist Mari Kim said, “It was an incredible experience to be the first Korean artist to make a crypto art and sell online. I am pleased about the remarkable result. I hope this result makes a great example to encourage the artists to make the new kind of arts to the new market!”

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