Daesh: The Final Solution

From Paris to Brussels

Recent acts of terrorism in Paris and Brussels left over 160 innocent civilians dead and over 500 injured. Intervals between islamist terrorist attacks is shrinking and the recent breakdowns of border security have allowed Daesh (also known as the islamic state) to move its operatives and equipment freely to and within Europe. Daesh has established a training program for terrorist operations in Europe. It now wishes to attack frequently in order to tie down law enforcement resources.

While terrorism is not a new phenomenon in Europe. The islamistic terror of today, is a very different beast compared to the earlier European terror that was mostly directed against leadership and law enforcement. Modern islamistic terror seeks to inflict maximal casualties against unprotected civilians. It’s not about achieving goals, but only seeks to show the power of Daesh.

Majority of the Islamist terrorists that have murdered innocent Europeans are in fact Europeans too. Born an raised in the heart of the most liberal and caring continent in the World. European nations have been tolerant towards Muslims, provided social security and dozens of aid programs that aim to help immigrants and their children to become productive and equal members of our democratic societies. This has had zero impact on jihadism.

The complex and far-reaching problem of islamistic extremism requires an multilayered response, with global level co-operation and cohesion.

Clearing the castle

Europe must defend itself, if not as a whole, then nation by nation. European liberalism and wishful mindset have enabled the extremist to grow beneath the cover of the moderate Muslims. Most west European countries have predominantly Muslim inhabited areas that are no-go zones to law enforcement and even emergency medical services. These areas, such as Molenbeek in Brussels, act as staging areas, supply depots and recruiting grounds for the Daesh and a myriad of other Islamic groups.

In order to rapidly counter the Daesh, these areas must be secured. There is no pretty and sugarcoated way to put it. Full on police sweeps supported by military forces must conduct search and seizure operations that will detain all undocumented immigrants. Additionally all weapons, explosives and extremist materials must be confiscated and suspected extremists and people protecting them have to be investigated.

Normal services will need to be restored, including social support and education based on western secular beliefs. Urban development can be used to break up and shake these areas so, that they will no longer be predominantly Muslim.

Fortifying the kingdom

Massive operations, that are needed to eradicate the jihadist strongholds in Europe, will be done in vain, unless the European borders can be secured. Current Schengen border must be secured and all illegal immigrants, smugglers etc. must be detained. Large and secure detention facilities must be established, so that the uncontrolled mass migration of the 2015 will not happen again. Immigration to the Europe must be controllable and selective.

Intra-Schengen borders must be re-established, to stop jihadist and contraband movements. Modern technology will allow rapid transit times. All asylum seekers must be contained in closed facilities until their applications are reviewed. Those who are denied asylum, must be deported immediately.

Reach of the Islamic State and its allies (AFP)

Re-taking the World

The military capability of the Daesh must be demolished. Sufficient conventional military forces are needed in order to retake Daesh controlled areas and revenue sources in the Middle-East and Africa. Several different military strategies must be applied. Initially fast mechanized units must break up the Daesh territory and deny strategic mobility from Daesh. Population centers must be dealt with care, so that population will rather revolt against Daesh, before the coalition forces retake them.

Ground operations against Daesh should be carried out by professional forces that will not resort to retaliatory violence against non-combatants. This excludes the majority of the Iraqi armed forces and their Shiite allies.

Global co-operation against jihadist forces and if necessary their supporters must be established. Funding and information channels from state sponsors within Saudi-Arabia and other gulf states must be disrupted.

Smaller and more isolated ISIS-affiliated groups, such as Boko-Haram and Abu Sayaf, will have to be destroyed by separate operations.

Active offensive operations will end, but solid military presence must maintained for the long term, probably for a generation. Restructuring will have to happen at much more grassroots level than before and economic viability of the regions must be the main priority. Without a future, young men will continue to radicalize.

How probable it is, that all these tools and strategies can be implemented? Not very likely. The standoff between the West and Russia is straining the few military forces available in Europe. Most of these actions will be considered too drastic by the liberal politicians and the media. So for the foreseeable future we will be stuck with these attacks by the islamistic cowards.

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