Game of Thrones Predictions VII: The Wall

In the lead up to the premiere of Season 7 of Thrones, I will be writing about 7 predictions for the upcoming season. We’re looking deep here and reflecting on past seasons to refresh. And remember, Winter is Here.

We did it! Made it through all 6 predictions prior to this and are now at the 7th and final leading up to the Season 7 premiere. We talked all about the Starks, Queen Cersei, the impending Daenerys invasion and everything else in between. However, as we’ve been aware from the past seasons, the real big threat of the entire series is still not here. Winter has arrived.

The Night’s King and his army of undead northerners are on the precipice of leaving Wildling country and invading the North. When we last saw the Night’s King, he led an attack on the Three-Eyed Raven’s Weirdwood tree. The old Three-Eyed Raven was struck down along with a few fan favorites (R.I.P. Hodor!) and thrust Bran Stark into the responsibility. Bran escaped with Meera and was subsequently saved by Benjen Stark who gave us a large piece of information into the White Walkers.

Before we get to that, let’s get to the burning question that’s plagued book readers and show watchers for years. In order to get this large army of undead Wights past The Wall, it needs to come down. So for this finale predication, we’ll be asking: Is The Wall coming down?

Final reminder: this prediction will also be assigned a percentage of it’s likelihood to happen. Whether the percentage is high or low, we do have to talk about the possibility because it’s important to know how the question could even be conceivable. We’ll dive into a little backstory, rehash old plot points, and ultimately come to a conclusion.


So in honor of the Seven Kingdoms, the Faith of the Seven and Seven episodes of Season Seven; here are 7 predictions for the upcoming season of the critically acclaimed drama. Let’s look at the seventh prediction:

How will The Wall come down?

Oh right — that big piece of information Benjen Stark shared with us. Bran and Meera wanted Benjen to continue south of The Wall with them on the next phase of their journey. Benjen reveals to them that there are magic spells on The Wall that will prevent the White Walkers (and Benjen himself) from crossing The Wall. They’re the same kind of protections that were broken by Bran and thus allowed the White Walkers to cross the magic wards set up around the Three-Eyed Raven’s tree.

As we’ve seen, the Night’s King touched Bran’s arm during a vision which allowed him to gain access to the tree in real life. Does that mean if Bran crosses The Wall, it’ll allow the White Walker army to cross, too? This is a question we haven’t had answered yet and it’ll be crucial. And, yes, there’s more to The Wall then pure ice and rock.

The Wall was built some centuries ago after the Long Night, which was a generation-long winter. The Long Night descended on Westeros and decimated the population. The White Walkers came from the far north during this time and as we’ve seen on the show, they were created by The Children of the Forest in order to defend themselves against the First Men. The Children eventually lost control of their creations and had to team up with the First Men in order to drive the White Walkers back into the northern most part of the continent.

The Wall was then built and as legend has it (since most believe magic doesn’t exist anymore) is said to have magic from The Children intertwined in the 700 foot high structure. One thing to keep in mind is that magic in the older days of the realm was much more powerful.

Broken Arm of Dorne

The Children of the Forest were creatures that could affect large land masses. They used their magic to break the Arm of Dorne which used to be a land bridge that connected Westeros with Essos. This was an attempt to stop the First Men from coming over into the region before they created the White Walkers. So, yeah, I’d say they were at one time able to use magic on large pieces of geography.

This magic, along with the Night’s Watch, keep the White Walkers from crossing into the southern realms of men. But over the centuries, the tales of the White Walkers turned into myth and legend. The Wall is now seen more as a way to keep Wildlings from pillaging the North.

We know Winter is here now and we don’t know for sure how the White Walkers will cross into the realms of Men. If Bran being marked by the White Walkers means he can let them cross by going south of the wall then that helps them. However, as we’ve seen, the Wall can successfully be defended by a small garrison of warriors. So the Wights attempting to climb The Wall may not be the best strategy. The White Walkers could attack several Night’s Watch castles at once or they could flood the tunnels with the undead to break through. One way or another, I think The Wall needs to be destroyed in an area to create their own gateway.

Prediction: 75% likely

Reasoning: With one more season left and after all the build up about Winter Coming, I think it would be damned shameful if we didn’t get some epic battles against White Walkers. We’ve seen what they can do at Hardhome and we’ve been slowly learned ways to kill them throughout the series (Dragon Glass, dragon fire, Valyrian steel). Watching them fight the Wights off The Wall would be anticlimactic in a way.

There’s a strong chance that this Wall comes down in a build up to the final season and puts the White Walkers front and center as everyone’s enemy.

How will this happen? Is there actually a Dragon in The Wall? Do the White Walkers possess some magic that we haven’t seen and has been building with the growth of their army?

Or will it be the Men themselves that break The Wall?

As we’ve heard Jon say to Lord Commander Ed before he left for Winterfell:

“Don’t knock it down while I’m gone.”

Tongue and cheek joke amongst pals? Or is it foreshadowing?

We’ll find out soon. Game of Thrones premieres July 16th.

Valar Morghulis.

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