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“As go the people, so goes the money”
–A.G. Breitenstein

What is CAC and why is it important?

What is LTV and why is it important?

CAC :: LTV Ratio Measures The Health of Your Business

What are funnel loops and why are they important?

How do you measure and execute these loops?

One tactic under viral loops is casual contact which involves putting your brand in the space where everyone’s going to be. An example is how Uber has signs at every airport: you see their signs when you’re standing in a parking lot, when waiting for the taxi line, etc. It can be hard to measure, so perhaps you include a QR code in those locations which enables you to track net-new signups from a given airport. You’re doing your best to approximate every motion that you have for acquisition.

This is interesting because it works across business models: it works D2C as well as classic enterprise B2B. The key is to meter and measure it, to try different things. Instead of sticking to traditional B2B sales where you’re knocking on doors, consider how to knock on them differently.

How do you reach people?

The Importance of Growth Accounting

The Opportunity In Healthcare

The Intersection of Unmet Needs and Identity

What are the benchmarks you’ve seen for CAC and retention in healthcare?

Does this apply to enterprise selling?

What toolsets or instrumentation should I use for growth accounting?

“This is the magic of social now. Video shorts have proven that you can take multiple shots and see what resonates. Take some time to figure out what people care about. Once you start figuring out the topics that people care about — you will find a step-change function, engagement, sharing and people wanting to hear more — because you figured out what part of their voices actually matter in this moment. And that’s how you start building a brand around who you are.” — Bangaly Kaba

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