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3 min readSep 20, 2022


At Define Ventures we are working to redefine partnership at the intersection of consumer, technology, and healthcare. Being a founder is hard. Built on the core belief that founders deserve more, we brought together an intimate group of founders & CEOs from the digital health industry to share lessons, combine superpowers, and connect.

In the first of its kind, this sector-specific event brought together digital health founders in the spirit of the Scandinavian value of hygge: the art of the cozy and intimate. Designed exclusively for founders, we connected over curated mountain activities such as horseback riding, trap shooting, fly fishing and locally-inspired whiskey and wine tasting.

Carolyn Magill of Aetion fly fishing in the Provo River
Digital health founders exploring the Wasatch Range on horseback

Core to our values of redefining healthcare, our conversations were intimate and founder-led, cross-pollinated with insights from leaders in the high tech, consumer, fintech, and entertainment industries.

A few highlights of our time together:

Founders discussed lessons learned from digital health companies going public and discussion of the current markets. Peter van der Goes of Goldman Sachs gleaned insights from Rushika Fernandopulle (One Medical), Zane Burke (Quantum Health), and Vivek Garipalli (Clover)

Rushika Fernandopulle, Vivek Garipalli, Zane Burke, and Peter van der Goes share lessons from the trenches on the art of the exit in digital health
Rushika Fernandopulle, Vivek Garipalli, Zane Burke, and Peter van der Goes share experiences from the trenches on the art of the exit for digital health founders

Founders explored influences from other spaces with insights from Instagram’s Co-Head of Product and Define Ventures Advisor Ashley Yuki and former and Skillshare leader, Folx Health CEO Liana Douillet Guzman

Lynne Chou O’Keefe, Liana Douillet Guzman, and Ashley Yuki shared influences from other industries and how they can redefine the future of healthcare

Grammy nominee and triple platinum musical artist Aloe Blacc performed an intimate acoustic set fireside that inspired and uplifted with messages of grit and resilience

Grammy nominee and triple platinum artist Aloe Blacc and world renown guitarist Woody Alpanalp entertained founders fireside at sunset

Serial entrepreneur-turned-investor A.G. Breitenstein launched a call-to-action for us to combine our collective superpowers to redefine the future of the industry

A.G. Breitenstein & David Ko connect to share ideas

In a time when the future of work is more dynamic than ever, former Maven & Zocdoc people leader and Define Ventures Head of People Karsten Vagner guided a founder-led discussion on the core cultural and people issues in building our companies to redefine leadership

Founders discussed cultural issues at the forefront of founders’ minds (Founders clockwise L to R: Siva Namasivayam, Raj Beri, Scott Shreeve, David Macmurchy, April Koh, Randy Parker, Dan Petkevich, Liana Douillet Guzman, Seth Cohen, Spencer Hutchins, A.G. Breitenstein, Melissa Baird, Inna Plumb, Carolyn Magill, & Jini Kim)

It was a privilege to convene with others who understand the grit, resilience, art and science of building from the earliest of stages. We left rejuvenated and inspired and ready to build. We can’t wait to partner with you to redefine the future of healthcare.

Guests enjoyed a night of grammy nominee Aloe Blacc performing fireside. (Founders L to R clockwise: Raj Beri, Julia, Cheek, TJ Parker, David Ko, Carolyn Magill, Puneet Singh, Vivek Garipalli, Zane Burke, Sanjay Doddamani, Siva Namasivayam, Melissa Baird, Randy Parker, Andrew Parker, Tom Stanis, April Koh, Spencer Hutchins, Dan Petkevich, Scott Shreeve, Liana Douillet Guzman, Sarah Jones Simmer, Rushika Fernandopulle, Anton Kittelberger, A.G. Breitenstein, Ashley Yuki, Anita Pramod)