The Friday Wrap: How To Take Inventory Of Weekly Progress So You Can Achieve Goals Faster And Continuously Improve

How you start and end your weeks will determine your velocity.

I’ve covered the importance of book-ending your weeks with a Monday planning session and a Friday Wrap. Bonus points if you’re doing a Daily Review. Take 30–60 minutes at the end of each week and see how much faster you make progress on your goals.

Here’s my approach for a Friday Wrap:

My weapons of choice are a Leuchtturn1917 and Sharpie Pen — I use them every day.

Many people take notes and never review them — don’t be that person. Read through your notes from the week, highlight important information, action items, things to include in your next newsletter, and things people owe you.

Keep doing this and you’ll start taking better notes.

What have you achieved this week?

If you’ve broken your goals down into milestones, how many have you chipped away at this week? Did you already blow the doors off your quarterly targets or do you have a ways to go? What’s the trend looking like?

Where are you now and what’s the next step you can take?

Take inventory on what you’ve accomplished, how it furthered your quarterly/annual goals, and plan for the following week. Making space for planning and reviewing will increase your velocity and progress against priorities. It will also highlight anything that’s creeping into your schedule that needs to be removed.

This one habit gives you 10x results.

If we allow it, we can move through weeks in a blur.

Take the time to think about what knowledge you’ve gained, hypotheses you’ve validated, or key learnings you have from a bad call. Taking stock of what you’ve learned will build your capacity, prompt you to directly apply what you’ve learned, and become more aware of your progress in new domains.

Keep taking inventory on the knowledge you’re building.

How did you do this week?

How did you show up in that important meeting? How did your presentation go — did you get the investment? When you had that crucial conversation with a peer, did you influence in the moment and get to a positive outcome?

How did that #realtalk session with your team go?

We are our actions. You’re going to have good days and bad. Keeping track allows you to spot patterns and see around corners.

When you have a stellar week — celebrate it!



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Rachel Kobetz

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