The Intentional Leader: 4 Practices That Ignite Teamwork And Innovation Across The Enterprise

When you’re leading an organization, it’s easy to keep your head down and not realize you’re in a silo.

But if you want to shape a culture of collaboration and innovation, working across the company to create connections is crucial to being successful.

Here are 4 practices that will help get you there:

Start “teaming” across the company with the people needed to make things happen.

Facilitate forums for leaders to debate topics. Open a day of your offsite to an extended group. Invite others in to discuss important challenges and develop solutions together.

Build coalitions across the organization with people that have a bias for action.

Don’t just look up, work across and down to create connections.

Use skip level 1:1s and office hours to explain context behind decisions and strategy. Go deep on contentious issues to find common ground. Leverage experts across the company to understand new domains.

Connect dots and provide the “why”.

Praise people and teams that are getting it right.

Send a note to a leader highlighting their team members’ contributions to an important program. Make a point to highlight when cross-functional teams are working well together and achieving better outcomes. When someone is carrying the torch for the culture you want to shape, give them airtime.

Always make space for people to contribute and collaborate.

Share articles, trends, and inspiration beyond your team.

Organize tech/design talks, with a mix of internal and external speakers. Create an internal newsletter that covers trends, your perspective, and what you’re focused on. Share your experiences and expertise with others.

Create a learning culture.



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Rachel Kobetz

I love shaping product cultures that connect people and make technology more human. SVP + Global Head of Design at Expedia Group. Prev. BofA, Amazon, + Samsung