DeFiPedia debuts with $BOOKS — Collector’s DeFi Pack

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4 min readOct 13, 2020


Book Cover current version (expect minor updates)

Who are we?

DeFiPedia is creating a web3 Wikipedia for DeFi.

DeFiPedia started when five like-minded individuals came together to create a platform enabling mutual education for Defi. United using Discord, and spread across 3 continents, we’re galvanized by a desire to improve resources for self education. Our core ethos consists of freedom of access, nonpartisan coverage, and trust requirement minimization.

In our ideal protocol incarnation, content creators will not be subject to digital sharecropping, and will retain the value generated by their efforts. Content consumers will have access to the highest quality educational material, and only be limited by their desire to learn.

In order to take this dream and make it a reality, one of our board members offered up their own personal capital to get the ball rolling. Now, we are embarking on the next phase of our development, and we want you to be a part of our future!

Of course, we want to give back to our early supporters, and so we have prepared this special limited time opportunity…

Announcing $BOOKS

We’re excited to launch $BOOKS, an ERC-20 token that gives the holder the right to claim one DeFi Pack. Total production run size will never exceed 1,000 $BOOKS, making for an extremely rare numismatic opportunity.

You can redeem your book shortly after the auction ends. The physical book will be delivered in Q1 2021.

What’s a DeFi Pack?

“A snap in time” physical, numbered book; expertly crafted, presented in hard cover. Each book will be packed to the breaking point with the game-changing innovations and dumpster fires we’ve witnessed in DeFi’s growth to adolescence… From flash loans to sushi clones, the-lot! The book number will correlate to the redemption number, for a little extra fun!

An NFT certificate of authenticity, which features a digital representation of the book’s front cover.

An exclusive “Snap in time” NFT that contains secret Easter eggs, and a “making of $BOOKS” bundle.


Your purchase will help us fund the production of our dapp without VC investment, and conserve value for users of the protocol in the future. We’re bootstrapping in the age of web3 by community led funding. This is your chance to be at the forefront of a burgeoning movement.

$BOOKS gives you a claim on one of the exclusive DeFi Packs we at DefiPedia are producing to celebrate the launch of our V1 planned for January 1, 2021.

We’re big on community experimentation. So, if you’re a holder of $BOOKS — the erc20, you can join us die hard DefiPedia fans in an exclusive chat where we talk about crypto, DeFi and influence governance ideas for the future of DefiPedia. Once you acquire your book tokens from uniswap, you can join this chat here.

So, how will the auction and liquidity pool work?

1st: 950 $BOOKS are available in a Dutch auction on DeFiPedia.Exchange, which will begin Tuesday, 10/13/2020 at 12:00 ET

2nd: 50 $BOOKS have been added to a liquidity pool on Uniswap.

The Uniswap liquidity pool will start at 0.3 Eth/Unit. If the price on Uniswap ever exceeds auction price, it will create an arbitrage opportunity!

A Dutch auction starts high and with time, steadily drops to a reserve price over a set time frame. In the case of our auction, it will take place over 30 days, the price will begin at 3 Eth, and .5 Eth is the lowest possible price. If the total bids for $BOOKS reaches the sell out price before the end of the 30 day time frame, the bids will settle and convert to $BOOKS. Otherwise, they will settle when the auction timer is up. All books tokens will be distributed proportionally to the bid value in Eth/950.
If the raise ends with less than 475 Eth, the auction will be cancelled and bidders will be able to reclaim their bids.

If you bid for 1 book token on day 1, here are a few scenarios that may happen:

To read more about how a dutch auction works, have a look here.

Purchase $BOOKS here: DefiPedia.Exchange

Uniswap Info for Analytics: Here

Smart contract address: 0x117c2aca45d87958ba054cb85af0fd57be00d624

For those that are interested, here’s the auctions price schedule:

Do I need to buy a whole token to claim my DeFi Pack?

You do not need to buy a whole token at one time, but yes, you cannot redeem a partial token.

How do I claim my DeFi Pack?

Visit DeFiPedia.Exchange and follow the instructions after clicking the “Redeem” button. We’ll collect your shipping details and proof of burn on one $BOOKS token to finalize the claim. Currently this token is in the Pre-order phase, and therefore it will not be immediately redeemable. Estimated date of redeemability is the end of Q1 2021.

Note: Once you’ve claimed your DeFi Pack and burned your $BOOKS token, there is no going back.

No refunds, No returns.

Are you excited for $BOOKS?

Follow us on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord for the latest updates and launch times. Any questions you may have can be answered in one of the above locations, see you there!