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AMA RECAP : DeFi Raccoons x NfracTion.

Date : 15 JUNE 2021
Host : SB
Guest : NfracTion Team ( Elio Artič — CEO.)


SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Please be so kind to introduce yourselves to the Raccoons!

Elio Artič:

It would be my pleasure, Raccoon gang! First of all, I would like to thank you and all of the Raccoon community for your attendance. My name is Elio and I’m the CEO of the NFracTion project. My primary background comes from professional sports, I am a master of two martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, which I also actively teach, and I am also bachelor of strength and conditioning. I’ve been heavily involved in sports for about twenty years, I have been involved in numerous successful international projects, but in the past four years I’m extremely enthusiastic about crypto currency’s and crypto market overall.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Ok, once again welcome, glad to have you with us today! We like to start off with an elevator-pitch for the people that haven’t yet heard of NfracTion — Tell us what #NfracTion is and what are you guys trying to showcase?

Elio Artič:

Thank you for the question, Raccoons! NFracTion is a unique NFT Fractionalizer, that fractionalizes digital arts into puzzle pieces, which provide additional value for collectors and guarantee multiple revenue streams.

The main goal of NFracTion is to create a friendly UI/UX for the marketplace, that is easy to use and manage for any user.

NFracTion delivers a superb cross -chain marketplace for the crypto community, with main networks such as Solana and BSC.

The unique NFT Fractionalizer and distribution model creates special eco — system for collectors and give unknown artists an additional value.

NFracTion is a superb cross — chain platform for all, modernly designed with extra care for best user experience, which makes collecting puzzle pieces fun, with higher revenues than competition.

The universe of NFracTion offer to users is endless. They can get anything from mystery puzzles, unique celebrity series, custom collections for various sports and their representatives, fan based mock — ups, fan art collections, limited edition or personalised NFTs. The concepts and possibilities have endless potential for upcoming users of the NFracTion project.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Please tell us something about your core team? How many of you are working on NfracTion, how big is your dev team at the moment?

Elio Artič:

Glad you asked, Raccoons. The team behind the NFracTion is getting broader with every day, currently we have 15+ people actively working hard on the project. To name few, as mentioned before, my name is Elio Artic and I am the CEO of the NFracTion project, next in line is Alen Dolsak, who is the Co — founder behind the project and he is our business development specialist, with more than 10 years of experience in building start up projects. Next in line is Ales Kovacic, who is our CTO & lead developer with 8+ years of experience as a development ninja for UI/UX focused projects. Next one on the list is Erik Madarasi, who is our CMO with 7+ years of experience in marketing agencies and there is Dejan Vrhovski who has the role of the CIO.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

So you are the CEO.

Without any background knowledge about blockchain and DeFi, was it easy for you?

Well that’s sounds interesting…Are you currently focused on marketing only.

Or you contribute in the dev team too?

Elio Artič:

We have a broad team of advisors who are filling in the info on us, which we are grateful for them. But for me personally, I’m a quick learner and I like challenges very much, so currently I’m doing well.

I’m more like an all around guy in this team, primarily I do the work that has to be done in marketing, but I also contribute in the development as well, because I have some pretty good ideas for the NFracTion.

There are some ideas about those features, with some additional partnerships. But our main feature is gamified collectibles with good chance of earning while having fun.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

How does NfracTion unite the power of DeFi and NFT?

Could you please share with us your long-term goals for the sector in which you create your project and your vision that will carry you to these goals?

Elio Artič:

NFTs are a re-imaging of ownership in a digital and gamified environment. As we transition to digital lifestyles and eventually, a fully internet-native metaverse, NFTs become the artifacts all around us. In DefI world we are pioneers in fractionalizing ownership, which allows multi owners of a single asset, or allowing creator to partial distribute revenues to a third party, for example — charity organisations.

We are DeFi oriented, but on the other hand NFracTion cannot fully commit to DeFi in some sectors. Meaning we want to become major sports memorabilia provider, and in order to onboard some of the major sports organisations, from that point of view, we must be able to become the bridge between two worlds, the traditional market (meaning big sports organisations and entertainment business, etc.) and the NFT crypto market.

But no worries, our mainstream goal will not confiscate the users privacy or authencity in any way. For that reason we are expanding on DeFi network, such as Solana and Polygon.

Hope you like the answer because this topic is very diverse, and I would like to invite you all to our official channels/groups and our team would be happy to assist you with further questions.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

You said

“We are DeFi oriented, but on the other hand NFracTion cannot fully commit to DeFi in some sectors”

Why can’t you commit fully to DeFi?

What drawbacks do you see?

Elio Artič:

We must stay “open” in this point, because we are already in talks with some major organizations and they might have some restrictions around that. We are definitely want to stick with the DeFi and Blockchain technology but we don’t want to close any doors too soon — just a precaution.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Partners play an important role for the marketing as well as development of the project.

Do you have any strategic partnerships with any project?

Elio Artič:

Sure. All partnership will be publicly displayed in the matter of days, but for this occasion we can reveal our very strong partner, the ExNetwork Capital. ExNetwork Capital is an investment firm focused on funding the innovation in the decentralisation movement. A hybrid hyperconnected fund, idea lab and an incubator, ExNetwork Capital has been a key ingredient in the success of numerous projects launched since 2018.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

You offer a unique NFT Fractionalizer & Superb Cross-chain NFT Marketplace.

What makes NfracTion special? Which features do it differ from other Projects ,that is, your competitors?

Elio Artič:

Thank you for the question. Our background comes from a traditional market and we have numerous successful start up projects from that area. The idea behind the NFracTion project is to blend our experience from the traditional market into the world of crypto, and on that journey we were brainstorming for the unique feature in hyped NFT market. General idea was to do something with the puzzles, but during the development we noticed that there is really no solid marketplace available on many networks. For that reason we decided to go with top notch cross — chain NFT marketplace (UI/UX wise), which is conceptually set for long term development from the start, including special gamefied features allowing EARN & FUN for all NFT fans and artists.

Excellent question, Raccoons. First of all, we are striving to be THE BEST and to be present for a long period of time. Like discussed before, we offer features that benefit traders and artists, with low fees on anyy kind of NFT items, and also, we will encourage more transactions on our cross — chain NFT marketplace which will benefit the traders, collectors and artists as well. Second, puzzled NFTs will bring more fun and excitement to the marketplace, therefore creating a friendly UI/UX that is easy to use and manage for any user.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

In terms of value capture, what is the tokenomics of $NFTA token, and how do you stimulate the users to hold your token in the long run?

What is the use case of your token?

Elio Artič:

The Tokenomics Distribution is as follows:

Seed round 5%

Private sale 10%

Strategic sale 5%

Public sale 2%


Team 15%

Advisors 0.5%

Incentives 13%

Liquidity pool reward 10%

Reserves 15.5%

Marketing 23%

The total supply is NFTA tokens.

Teams tokens are locked for 6 months. After that, vesting begins for 12 consecutive months, 1/12 of the tokens each month.

As token wise, currently you can enter in seed, private or strategic round (which is meant for larger investments), or you can simply wait for the IDO that is planned in the end of June/start of July. After the IDO, tokens will be listed on Pancake Swap, with liquidity added and you will be able to buy or sell on the location.

Token will be used to buy gamified puzzle packs, it can be traded on the market place and of courtit can be staked for rewards and lower fees for the artists.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Can you give a gist about your future plans.

Will you have any other DeFI features like staking or yield farming, in the future? Can you share a little about your roadmap?

Elio Artič:

Of course, Raccoons. Thanks for asking. The roadmap goes as it follows: Currently we are in the process with the community activites, such as this great AMA today with you guys. Next planned in June, we have marketing partnerships to set, NFT Marketplace to launch and also launch of the gamified puzzle features. Future objectives which are planned from June to September are cloning to another network, second community activities, listings on centralised exchanges and launching the mobile app. From September to December we plan strategic partner activity, Crosschain NFT & Auctions, launch the special features and also NFracTion 2.0 release.


Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

Elio Artič:

Thank you for the question. The easiest answer today that we find it necessary to answer. As mentioned before, our team is together for years as public company in traditional market. We decided to go with a public team, so there are no secrets about he team members and there is too much on the line for us to be “playing around”. NFracTion is as stated completely focused on a long term, and we’re not catching up the hype, but we want to launch a perfect product. All of the above was recognized by some of the top incubators in the crypto world, and believe me they did a good job checking us out. To go along we decided to cooperate with Exnetwork Capital, which incubated us and gave us the much needed support stepping into the crypto. For the conclusion maybe I can mention again that all our SCs are being audited by respected auditors. If you have any additional concerns, our team is always available on our main channels and feel free to contact us at any time.

“STAKING” is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them long term.

Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about Staking?

Elio Artič:

Staking will definitely be added soon after the launch, because we want to award our artists with higher revenues.

NFRacTion is a long term project and it’s mission to create healthy ecosystem with loyal community on one side satisfied and supported artists and on the other side, true collectors not just the gem hunters which would overbeat a bear market and a long term stability.

How important is community to the NFracTion ? and What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally?

Elio Artič:

Apparently all aspects are important, but for us community is the number one priority for the following reasons:

  • project is conceptually set for long term development from the start
  • we strive to build a community of best artists in the world to support them with better features, conditions, tracking mobile app, etc.
  • NFracTion is expanding on the most promising networks that are “new age” and we want to support those communities with the best product possible
  • team is passionately working to onboard some of the best known sports organizations for successful long term partnerships to provide best of the best of the sports fans memorabilia

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An investor community for everything related to DeFi, NFT, IDO, Blockchain, and much more. We share our analysis, fundamentals and hold AMAs with all sorts of projects!

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