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AMA RECAP : DeFi Raccoons x Panther Protocol

Date : 15 JULY 2021
Host : SB
Guest : Panther Protocol Team.

Hello Raccoon Nation and DeFi Enthusiasts!

We recently hosted an AMA with Panther Protocol. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this post will be a time saver & a feeder of knowledge for everyone.


SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Please be so kind to introduce yourself to the Raccoon army 🤠

Oliver Gale:

I’m Oliver Gale, CEO and Co-Founder of Panther Protocol — as such, I’m heavily involved in Strategy and Business Development for the project, but also working closely with the tech and product teams to turn our vision of Privacy in DeFi into reality.

I’ve been in crypto since 2013 and since then, I’ve been a director and advisor for numerous successful blockchain and fintech ventures, building mobile wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, digital securities marketplaces, quantitative trading systems, credit platforms and AML compliance tools. I am also a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) pioneer, having created the first CBDC.


Hi guys, my name is Constantinos Antoniou, and I am handling all of the community aspects of Panther. I’ve been involved and Co-founded local communities in my country Cyprus. Organized a few conferences and I’ve been advising projects in terms of marketing and community. I was also the Head of Research at D-CORE, a crowdsourcing platform where we research and analyze Blockchain projects.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Ok, once again welcome, glad to have you with us today! We like to start off with an elevator-pitch for the people that haven’t yet heard of Panther Protocol — Tell us what #Panther is and what are you guys trying to showcase?


Panther Protocol is an end-to-end privacy protocol for DeFi. Panther provides DeFi users with fully collateralized privacy-enhancing digital assets, leveraging crypto-economic incentives and zkSNARKs technology. Users are able to mint zero-knowledge zAssets by depositing digital assets from any blockchain into Panther vaults. zAssets will become an ever-expanding asset class for users who want their transactions and strategies the way they should always have been: private.

Panther is fully compatible with AML regulations globally through the use of the Panther Metastrate — a zero knowledge data layer that enables users to disclose all or some of their transaction history to parties of their choosing, either fully or through the use of zk attestations.

We are gearing up for a Public sale this quarter so if you are interested to participate please fill out the interest form

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Can you please explain a bit about the zkSNARKs technology?

Oliver Gale:

zk-SNARKS are Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge. They allow a prover to prove conditions about the state of something to a verifier without revealing any information about the “thing”. We use them to enable users to prove that they are the owner of zAssets

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

What is the Groundbreaking privacy

enhancing technology for DeFi, you guys are working on?

Can you tell the mechanism behind this?


Panther Protocol provides DeFi users with interoperable, fully collateralized privacy-enhancing digital assets, leveraging zkSNARK technology and offering a novel price discovery mechanism for privacy.

Users are able to mint zero-knowledge zAssets by depositing digital assets from any blockchain into Panther vaults and using these zAssets across a full range of DeFi applications.

Panther also provides users with a customizable level of privacy at the transaction level. This is what we call ‘Selective Disclosures’.Importantly, the end-user is in complete control of their privacy and their data.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Please tell us something about your core team? How many of you are working on Panther, how big is your dev team at the moment?

Oliver Gale:

The Panther’s biggest asset is its team. We are 27 strong and counting. The team gained experience in leading organisations across a wide spectrum of verticals such as the United Nations, Accenture, BlackRock, P&G, Vimeo, Siemens, UFC, DELL, HSBC, and Lloyds Bank.

In blockchain specifically, team members contributed to over 55 blockchain projects, including Ethereum, Ripple, Avalanche, Ocean Protocol, Boson Protocol and

The Panther team wants to expand and is looking to hire world-class talent for the 3 following positions:

-Solidity Developer

-Zero-Knowledge Engineer

-Junior Finance Analyst & Strategist

Check out the career opportunities for those interested in joining the Panthers!

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Partners play an important role for the marketing as well as development of the project.

Do you have any strategic partnerships that are backing your project?


You are absolutely right, partnerships play a very important role in the development of a project but of course marketing as well.

Recently we have announced our partnership with StackOS. is a decentralized cloud protocol on which full-stack applications can be deployed anonymously and securely. Together with Panther Protocol fully collateralized privacy-enhancing digital assets, both platforms can leverage each other’s technologies bringing StackOS users complete anonymity and making Panther’s services unstoppable. For more details check out the announcement:

We have a partnership with Flare Network to also deploy Panther’s privacy solution there. Flare can provide access to the largest blockchain ecosystems incapable of running smart contracts natively. That includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple’s XRP Ledger, Dogecoin, Stellar and any other existing chain. Considering how Flare Network can provide access to this liquidity, it is of great interest to us. By building a compliance-friendly privacy protocol on Flare, Panther will bring privacy and liquidity to that 65% in liquidity even if the native blockchains do not support smart contracts. Check out the announcement here:

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

In terms of value capture, what is the tokenomics of your token, and how do you stimulate the users to hold your token in the long run?

Oliver Gale:

$ ZKP is an ERC20 token and it is the fuel for the protocol. It has a finite supply of 1 Billion tokens which is expected to reach it over a 12 years time-frame. The initial supply will be approximately 11% of the total supply.

It has multiple uses within the Panther ecosystem such as:

Pay for fees within the ecosystem

Voting on Improvement proposals

Represents a right to participate in Panther governance

Secure the interchain private DEX LP vaults

As Panther grows the ZKP token too will grow in value

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

And lastly, can you tell us a bit more about late 2021?

Could you please share with us your long-term goals for the sector in which you create your project and your vision that will carry you to these goals?

Can you tell us a bit more about those plans and how you aim to achieve them?


We have a long roadmap ahead of us, we know that Panther is going to be a foundational project, not a fad, so we, as a team and community, are ready to roll up our sleeves and build. Our beliefs are aligned with the work we are doing and we are aware that building the infrastructure for privacy is going to take time and effort.

We are gearing up for the Public Sale and release of our MVP in Q3 2021 which will be built on Ethereum and will serve as the proof of concept for Panther Protocol. It will feature many of the technology components such as Minting & Burning of zAssets, zAsset mixing, Privacy relayers, $ZKP token, voluntary disclosure of transactions and the initial Panther DAO setup.

In Q4 2021, we will continue by improving upon existing features of the Protocol and launch the Panther on another peerchain. In Q1 2022 we will introduce our first iteration of Panthers’ Private Interchain DEX, building the protocol’s first bridge towards complete interoperability.

You can find out more about our future looking roadmap as well as past achievements and history of Panther here:

DeFi Naut:

I have a question relating to the privacy / anonimity. Won’t this bring any challenges towards regulatory compliance?

Since I could imagine regulatory bodies not being too fond of privacy enhancing protocols

or am I wrong


This is exactly why we have selective disclosures 😁

Between fully public and fully private, there will be different levels of disclosures available:

-Zero-knowledge disclosures: Users can prove compliance without providing any underlying data — meaning they provide the financial institutions what they need (to know you did everything in accordance to a certain rules engine), without having to disclose anything about the transaction itself (sender, receiver, amounts, metadata — all of that remains private).

-Full disclosure to a specific counterparty: Here the user allows the transactional data to be shared with the financial institution or the regulator, but that’s already much better than having all of your transactions fully public/transparent for anyone to see, in perpetuity.

The key things to take into consideration here is that a) the users are in control to interact with whoever they want and disclose whatever they want, and b) any selective disclosure method is already much better than fully public transactions.

DeFi Naut:

ok that’s interesting

what about why you chose the Ethereum blockchain?


Ethereum is the biggest DeFi ecosystem, yes it has some shortcomings at the moment but the tech for ETH2.0 is great. As you can see from our partnerships we will quickly expand to other smart contract platforms too. Also we might have some news about a L2 next week 😉


SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

What are the competitive advantages of the Zkpanther? What advantages do you have that other competitor don’t have? What would CryptoTask most similar contender be in the market today in terms of scalability, security, features, and adaptability?

Oliver Gale:

Panther is the only protocol on any chain tackling regulatory compliance issues by allowing users to selectively disclose transaction information with parties of their choosing. This is a new framework, not only for blockchain privacy use cases but also for any web 3.0 data sharing use case benefiting from zkp.

We are also the only protocol building our own layer 1 interchain DEX.

There’s no direct competitor but you can check out Manta, Tornado and zk.Sync for other cool privacy plays.

SB | Admin @DeFi_Raccoons:

Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new DeFi projects were victims of this, costing users funds. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you ever audit it via any external party?


Selective disclosures are the future of compliance and the game-changer institutional users have been waiting for as it puts them in control, providing unstoppable privacy and freedom to share data with whomever they decide.

Security is our top priority. Users of Panther will be using the most secure privacy protocol for their assets. Panther development is guided by in-house security expertise. Our team has over 40 years of cumulative expertise in security, and have worked on securing some well known protocols in this space. The smart contract stack will be fully audited by industry-recognized security researchers prior to launch.



Is there an active referral or ambassador program for users that we can use to attract a new community?

Oliver Gale:

There is a foundation allocation in place for building our community. You can contact @Consanto to learn more about becoming a Panther ambassador

🌹Amalya Bilha 🌹:

Panter has a “Service Providers” feature that allows users to privately transact with their zAssets in a compliance-friendly manner. can you explain the mechanism? and also, what do you mean by “compliance-friendly”?

Oliver Gale:

Service providers can be any entity whatsoever. Trust providers are entities that provide zk proofs related to underlying data, eg. Are you over 18? Are you from a sanctioned country? These proofs can be shared with Service providers to allow for compliance friendly use cases, like using a regulated crypto exchange


How long has the Panther project been developing and what resources are helping you do that?



The two Founders Oliver and Anish, started formulating the idea last summer in 2020. We recently close a successful private sale round raising $8 million, which enabled us to hire the best in the industry. We are having our Public Sale this quarter to enable us to much more.

Thanh Join:

How do you think Panther Protocol is helping financial institutions reap the benefits that DeFi has to offer?

Oliver Gale:

All institutions we have spoken to require privacy to enter DeFi as they are not prepared to give away alpha or sensitive customer data. Panther is solving this key challenge for them and unlocking compliance compatibility to create a complete service


Check out Litepaper

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An investor community for everything related to DeFi, NFT, IDO, Blockchain, and much more. We share our analysis, fundamentals and hold AMAs with all sorts of projects!

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