DefiRaccoons X Monstropoly

Date: December 21st, 2021

Host: Azeban

Guest: Mark( CMMO of Monstropoly)

Hello, Raccoon Nation and DeFi Enthusiasts!

We recently hosted an AMA with Rise of Defenders. Here’s the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this post will be a time saver & a feeder of knowledge for everyone.


Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: Welcome to the Raccoons! It’s an honour to have you here with us today 🙂
Welcome to the third AMA session of the week. Make yourselves at home comfortable in your own chairs. As we begin this session full of educational materials! Please introduce yourself to the Racoons.

Mark: 👋 Hello guys! Thanks for having me
I’m Mark Diego, part of the marketing team. I joined Satoshi’s Games 1 year ago coming from the traditional gaming industry. We created gaming titles like Light Nite and a platform for crypto games called Elixir.
This year we won the first place of the startup competition in bitcoin adoption at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference.

Now we are trying to build an awesome play to earn game with Monstropoly! 😁

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: That’s a rich history
I can already tell this session will be one to look forward to 😉
We like to start off with an elevator-pitch for the people that haven’t yet heard of Monstropoly– tell us what it is and what are you building?

Mark: Monstropoly is a high quality play2earn game designed with MOBA esports mechanics & VR social spaces (what the cool kids call metaverse). Collect monsters and upgrade them with different weapons to create unique combinations to enter the battlefield. PvE and PvP game modes are available to match esport competition dynamics and boost play and economic interaction between players.

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: Can you tell us about the origins of the idea for Monstropoly? How far back does it go, what inspired you to start building?

Mark: We were inspired that we can do a lot better than many other play to earn games like Axie Infinity or Thetan Arena. With our previous work and knowledge in the gaming & crypto industry I think we can be one of the leaders of play to earn games.

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: That’s an ambitious goal👌
Tell us about the team working on the project! What are their backgrounds? How many of you are working on Momstropoly at the moment?

Mark: But realistic too 😁

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: haha, believable considering you have achieved first place in the startup competition
so why not

Mark: Our founder & CEO, Carlos Roldan is the creator of the first Lightning application to gaming, winner of 5 international hackathons on bitcoin-related infrastructure or applications.

Alfredo Bárcena our CMO. Former founder and CEO of IDC Games, one of the largest game publishers in Europe. Business and Marketing specialist in Gaming with 20+ years experience in the sector and an extraordinary 360º view of the whole gaming ecosystem and key players.

Me, Mark Diego, I’m a game marketing specialist, millennial, gamer and esports lover with 5+ years experience in the gaming industry.

We have awesome game developers with many years of experience as well.

We are currently working on the Monstropoly project over 10 persons but we are trying to find the right people to increase the team.

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: So you are expanding at the moment?

Mark: Yes we are. You can also find more positions at:

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: thanks
For the Raccoons who are looking for suitable jobs according to your roles may look here
How are you different from other play-to-earn platforms out there? and what are the problems with play-to-earn platforms nowadays? and what problems do you solve?

Mark: Well, we saw 2 problems of play to earn games.
- Problem: Poor gaming quality
- Solution: We are not newcomers into blockchain games, we have +3 years of experiences creating unique rewarding games. As creators of Light Nite, crypto version of Fortnite. We have enough experience to create the best gaming quality & balanced rewarding experience to make a unique experience. See how our previous game looks:

- Problem: Poor social engagement
- Solution: Create a VR webclient (AKA metaverse) that connect the whole participants on this gaming experience. Inside of this metaverse, create tools for guilds to have more visibility, create minigames that involve the users NFTs, create universal experiences to have the community more engaged & close to each other.

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: Wow I love the graphics of that game
I mean compared to other crypto games this looks more fun

Mark: That is why we believe that we can be one of the leaders of play to earn games. But we need to be fast 😊

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: Do you have a target date of when you are trying to launch your game?

Mark: We will see after we do the Monstropoly BETA in January. We want to gather feedback of our community first.

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: Sounds good
Do you have any preview or trailer of your game, one that you can share with the community?

Mark: At the moment we can only show this:

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: Looks Exciting, I play CODM so will definitely try your game out
Will your beta test support IOS?

Mark: We are still in early development so it will change/improve a lot

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: And android?

Mark: For Android yes. iOs will come a little bit later.

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: Sounds good
Lets talk about the Key Features of Monstropoly. What are they?

Mark: Monstropoly has created different possible paths to obtain rewards so that any user can take advantage any time doing what they most like, either playing, collecting and trading or just supporting the game at idle periods of time:

-Playing the Game: successfully fulfilling quests, winning matches, daily activity quests, will make users liable for in-game rewards

-NFT staking: all skins in the game deserve some holiday after the brutal battle from time to time. Put them to relax and get rewards for it.

-Farming/staking your rewards: either by farming $MPOLY on liquidity pools or staking it, you will get rewards while contributing to keeping a healthy game environment.

-Metaverse: connect players in a VR experience. Guilds will have visibility and there are minigames that involve the users NFTs.

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: So the way NFT staking works is you place your skin to rest, then you get paid for it?

Mark: Yes sir! A 20% of all rewards will be dedicated to support users helping the token stability by $MPOLY staking.

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: Makes sense
Let’s talk about the tokenomics, what is the utilities of your token? and the circulating and total supply?

Mark: There are two utility tokens involved in Monstropoly: $MPOLY is the core utility token, while $MPGLD is an in-game token.

$MPOLY will be used to purchase NFTs and game tokens $MPGLD and participate in relevant game decision making processes. $MPGLD will be used to buy in-game items and receive rewards for gaming.

The total circulating supply of $MPOLY is 500,000,000 and $MPGLD will be unlimited.

You can find more info at:

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: What are your biggest focus on your roadmap currently? and where do you see yourself 5–10 years from now?

Mark: We are focused to bring the best Monstropoly BETA that we can provide and the public IDO.

We see that Monstropoly is one of the top play to earn games for mobile and making esports competitions with big prizes in stadiums!

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: That’s quite ambitious, to achieve a goal like that will require a large userbase
What are your strategies on growing your userbase early on?

Mark: Connect with more communities with AMAs. Reward our early supporters so they can get a lot of value for playing!

Have in mind that our main objective is to create an awesome play2earn game not just only an attractive token.
We believe that the best marketing is how enjoyable is a game so our players become ambassadors of Monstropoly!

Azeban | DeFiRaccoons 🦝: Interesting, with this the first part of the AMA is over. For the second part of the AMA we will post 5 Twitter questions and you will answer all of them and pick 2 winners


Q1. Almost 3–4 of investors are focused purely on the price of Token in short-term instead of better understanding the real value & health of the project. Can you tell us on motivations & benefits for investors to hold your Token in long-term? Thanks
Q3. Monstropoly forged many great partnerships such as Roseonpad, Enjinstarter and Gamestation. how do they help Monstropoly go to the next level? any other partnerships in the near future?

Q4. We know that many crypto games are released but don’t last long. What are your plans to make this game more interesting and last longer?



Q1. $MPOLY Tokens Holders will be liable to claim rewards by staking their $MPOLY. The purpose is to incentivize users to engage with the game ecosystem by holding their Tokens and reducing volatility in the Token value. A 20% of all rewards will be dedicated to support users helping the token stability by $MPOLY staking.

Q2. They help us with their advices, connect us with KOLs and marketing strategies. We have many more partnerships that will be announced stay tuned in our social medias!
QLike mentioned earlier, we are inspired that we can do a lot of better than other play to earn games like Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena and many more.

Q3. What differentiate us is that we have a good mix of talent in blockchain and gaming and Monstropoly will have different features to get rewarded like staking for example.

Q4. We will gather the feedback of our community. We will do events and esports competitions for the Monstropoly players. Also, have a good economy where every part wins.

Q5.You won’t need to invest a lot at the start because it will be free to play. But if you don’t own NFTs you won’t be able to earn tokens.

So basically, you can play for free but not earn tokens by playing.


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