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The Ultimate Platform to Compare Realized Returns across Different DeFi Strategies

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3 min readMar 23, 2023


We are excited to announce the launch of! The platform offers an easy-to-use interface that enables users to compare the actual realized yield between different protocols on different time frames, all in one place.

Why are we so used to APYs in DeFi?

While the most commonly quoted metric in DeFi is APY, it only provides a yearly estimated rate of return for any given strategy, liquidity pool, staking, or lending protocol based on the reward or yield of a short period of time - sometimes a week or a day.

Also, using an estimated APY is a good way to “humanize” shorter-dated returns. This way, users can compare different strategies’ estimated returns considering the same timeframe (of one year).

Ideally, the estimated APY and the realized return of a certain strategy are similar. But it often does not.

So what is DeFi Returns?

At DeFiReturns, we believe that it’s time to compare strategies based on their realized returns, not just estimated APYs.

With our platform, you can now compare the actual realized yield between different protocols on different time frames, giving you a more accurate and comprehensive picture of their real performance. See for yourself how your favorite protocols stack up against each other and make informed investment decisions like never before.

For example, with this tool, we are able to compare the realized accumulated returns of Pods stETHvv (stETH Volatility Vault) against its benchmark, Lido Finance, staking returns as you can see below:

What's coming next?

Our MVP app has been live since February 1st and new designs are on their way, making your experience with DeFiReturns even easier.

New strategies and filters are being implemented so that you are able to compare "apples to apples". Furthermore, strategies with multiple tokens, such as LPing in DEXes with rewards (like Curve) will be added to the app too.

If you have any strategies you would like to see added to DeFiReturns, submit them in the app, and we will work on it 👇🏼

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